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10 Animals That Are Known To Get Drunk Or High

Turns out humans aren’t the only ones who like to get blasted. Take a look below for our list of 10 animals that are known to get drunk or high.

1. Monkeys

There are a few ways that monkeys have been documented to get high or drunk. One being they pass around, like a joint, a millipede that secrete a toxin that they rub on there face to ward off parasites but also to catch a buzz while doing it. Also been documented to purposely get drunk off fermented sugar canes.

2. Dolphins

Although puffer fish toxin can kill, it is known to have hallucinogenic effects in small doses. Dolphins have been documented to pass around, again like a joint, a puffer fish and just nibble on it to get the mind altering toxin from it. After “getting high”, the dolphins are observed to be “spacing out” in a state of euphoria.

3. Big Horn Sheep

Wild bighorn sheep in the Canadian Rockies will go to great lengths to find a rare narcotic lichen that grows in green and yellow patches on uncovered rock surfaces. After scraping the rock with their teeth to remove and eat the stuff, they appear ill or a bit mad.

4. Elephants

Known to get “drunk” from fermenting fruit from the Marula trees. However scientists concluded that the fermented fruit wouldn’t be enough to get the elephants “drunk” so they believe that another intoxicant is at play. Elephants have also been documented to steal beer from human settlements.

5. Wallabies

Wallabies have been observed being “high as a kite” falling around and hoping in circles (Lol) after feeding in local poppy fields.

6. Bears

In Russia bears have been observed pulling off lids to barrels of fuel (used for generators, snowmobiles, etc.) and huffing the fumes to get high. After catching their buzz they would just lay on their backs in the snow, acting all goofy and giddy.

7. Parrots

In northern Australia parrots are known to consume fermented fruit and end up so drunk they would pass out while in flight and drop to the ground.

8. Reindeer

Have been known to consume hallucinogenic mushrooms. After consuming, they would just stand there “spaced out” (tripping balls).

9. Jaguars

In the Amazon, Jaguars have been observed to gnaw on the bark of the hallucinogenic Yage vine. After consuming, the jaguars are known to “act very strangely”.

10. Cats

I think we all know this one. Cats are known to rub and chew catnip which creates a euphoric high for the cats.

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