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10 Famous Mansions No One Wants To Buy For Any Price

You’d think everyone wants to live in a mansion. It’s the dream, right? Well, no matter how cheap they get, there are some mansions nobody will take. From a mansion that costs only $10, with an intriguing catch, to the haunted house belonging to the Schweppes soda company these are 10 famous mansions that no one wants to buy for any price.

1. The $10 Mansion

This historic New Jersey home cost some measly ten dollars. That’s no joke, this gorgeous and huge mansion will set you back less than the average cinema ticket. Coming in at 4,000 square feet in size, with six bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, it’s not short of the bargain of the century. However, there’s a catch.

Not only do you have to move into it, you have to move it. That’s right, if you buy this house, you have to move it. This one’s going to take some explaining isn’t it. Here we go. The home was designed by famous architect Dudley Van Antwerp and any of his work at any price would be a steal for anyone looking to invest in property, but with this particular house there’s an intriguing issue.

The town’s Planning Board approved a subdivision for the land the home is on. In layman’s terms, as a condition of owning the home, you must literally pick up the house and move it to a new location. According to town officials, responsibility for movement of the home would fall onto the buyer. While ten bucks for a mansion may seem remarkably cheap, there’s a whole lot of other issues to take into consideration.

Firstly, unless you’ve got the strength of the Hulk, you’re going to have to pay movers to move the house for you. Secondly, you’re going to have to own the land you’re moving it to and if you don’t own land that means buying land and land is not cheap.

2. Blood on the Walls

You might think that a gorgeous Victorian style mansion would have been quickly swept up once it was put on the market. With no less than five bedrooms, a garden with two acres and boasting beautiful architecture, there’s not much to complain about. However, once you know what happened here you are less likely to be so enthusiastic.

The reason why nobody wanted to buy this luxurious manor is because a horrific murder, lawyer, Christopher Lumsden stabbed his wife Alison over 30 times. The mansion was left to collapse into disarray, making it even less desirable than it already was.

3. The Home of Conrad Aiken

Conrad Aiken was an American writer whose work included short stories, novels, a play and perhaps most notably, lauded poems. However, his personal life comes with a dark history. Conrad’s father was far from emotionally stable and became notorious his violent behavior.

Conrad’s father finally lost all control. Young Aiken was sat in bed listening to his parents argue through the walls, but suddenly there was the bang of a gunshot, swiftly followed by another. Conrad raced into his parents bedroom to find his father had murdered his wife and then himself leaving Conrad an orphan in the process.

Ever since then, the beautiful house they lived in remained empty no matter how low the price dropped.

4. The Watcher House

No this isn’t where Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer lives, though the house in question does have a spooky history. A family in New Jersey bought the new home and it should have been a happy time but before they had the chance to move in, they started receiving anonymous letters from someone calling themselves The Watcher.

The letter said the following, “my grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched it in the 1960s, it is now my time. Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what lies within the walls of 657 Boulevard? Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested?”

Similarly disturbing letters just kept coming six months after buying the house. They were rather understandably too scared to move in so they decided to try and sell it but the legend of The Watcher had spread like wildfire. Nobody dared mess with whomever was sending the letters no matter how great of a mansion it was. Nobody would bite and the asking price of the mansion just kept getting lower and lower.

5. The Schweppes Mansion

The swept mansion is one of the most beautiful mansions you will ever see. Almost anyone would consider it, at least from an aesthetic standpoint, the absolute dream home. It has everything a buyer could dream of in a lavish home. Spectacular views of Lake Michigan, detailed old-world architecture, hardwood floors, a ballroom, a library, an elevator and nine fireplaces, but it has a pretty serious reputation for being haunted.

It is generally considered one of the most haunted buildings in America. Located on Mayflower Road in Lake Forest, it was given as a gift to Laura and Charles Schweppes of the Schweppes Soda Company as a wedding present from former Marshall Field chairman John G. Shed, Laura’s father. It was designed by the architect Frederick Wainwright Perkins, but eventually tragedy would strike in 1937.

Laura passed away of natural causes in the home not long after. In 1941, Charles committed suicide in the mansion leaving a note that simply read, “I’ve been awake all night.”

It’s terrible stories that Schweppes still haunts the halls of the mansion have gripped the imaginations of the locals with such intensity that now no matter how much the price gets dropped, nobody will buy the mansion. At present, it’s $9.45 million dollars, which is a significant drop from its initial asking price of $18 million dollars, but it just keeps dropping.

6. The Priestley House

This lavish home in Canton, Mississippi, is another house that struggles with the legacy of apparently being haunted. The home is for sale for $938,000 and has a music room, a study, a butler’s pantry, screened-in porches, a swimming pool, hardwood floors and several fireplaces, but none of that matters when potential buyers are convinced a murderous ghost will be their new roommate.

The seven bedroom, 4 bathroom charming Forge mansion was built in two phases in 1749 and 1784 and was restored in 1994, according to the Reading Pennsylvania Eagle. The home has been the subject of ghost stories for decades.

The resident phantoms include a heartbroken young woman waiting for her sweetheart to return from seeking his fortune. Her sweetheart haunts the road leading up to the mansion where he died when he was thrown from his horse as he tried to return to her. The home is also rumored to have been built on a Native American burial ground upping the property’s fear factor.

7. The Starrett Mansion

This mansion was built in 1889 by contractor George Starrett as a gift for his wife. It’s been a bed and breakfast and a boutique hotel, but is now being sold as a home. However, just like the last few entries on our list, ghost stories have tarnished the reputation of this potential dream home.

Guest reviews mentioned wardrobes opening on their own and the sound of footsteps on the floorboards. Other rumored paranormal activity includes the appearance of a welcoming redheaded woman and an apparition called The Nanny who appears in a mirror in the second room floor. She lives up the stairs and occasionally interacts with guests.

With 11 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a spiral staircase and hardwood floors, it’s an absolute steal at $850,000 but as long as nobody will buy it thanks to ghosts it’ll just keep on dropping in value.

8. 50 Cent’s Mansion

This is a mansion that is owned by the rapper 50 Cent. It should be an easy sell right? There’s got to be some rich hip-hop fan somewhere that would buy it so he could say, hey, look at me I own 50 Cent’s old house. The reason why this mansion just won’t sell is because it is way too big with 21 bedrooms.

Not even the richest of the rich care. Even the most extravagant billionaires out there aren’t willing to buy a house that big when they’re going to have no use for all the rooms. When it first fell on the market, it was eighteen point five million dollars, then it dropped to eight point five million dollars, and now it’s six million dollars.

9. The 1875 Victorian Mansion

In 1875, the renowned chair manufacturer Sylvester Kay Pierce decided to try something a bit different with his creative output. He designed and built a house. It’s a beautiful 10 bedroom mansion which, considering the size and era of construction, should be worth a lot. It’s got 6,661 square feet of living space and it should be a dream home for many.

It’s situated in Gardner, Massachusetts, which is renowned for its low crime rate. Well, there’s a pretty major catch, a catch you’ve been hearing about a lot on this list. Since its construction, the house has harbored darkness, with seven murders taking place within its walls, including the strangulation of a sex worker.

The price keeps being slashed and slashed over and over but still there are no takers. The history is simply too heavy. Officially considered one of the most haunted places in the world, this huge home is currently only three hundred twenty-nine thousand dollars, the price of an average three bedroom home.

10. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson left behind a rather tricky legacy. It should go without saying that it’s hard to get anyone to buy his old home. Once listed at $100 million dollars, it’s now down to just $31 million dollars. There are five bedrooms in the main house, but that’s just one of 22 structures spread across the 2,700 acre estate.

The rest includes a 50 seat movie theater, fire station, railway station and railway track train, not included, the lagoon style swimming pool, outhouses and tennis courts. However, the legacy is too tainted for any potential buyers to put up the cash.

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