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10 Hollywood Celebrities That Died Unnatural Deaths

Death is one thing which comes to people in both natural and unnatural ways. Unnatural deaths are usually the most shocking and surprising of all, especially when you see a person or hear about a person’s death when he does not even cross half a façade of his life. Young gruesome deaths and other mysterious happenings which caused some shocking deaths have not only taken the world by a storm, but makes people more sensitive to the feelings and situations of these celebrities. As death eludes no one, there is no way one can avoid death. Be it John Lennon, or the supposed murder or controversial death of Michael Jackson, we all feel sad for them, and see their untimely and sudden death as loss to talent and a precious life. Take a look below for our list of 10 Hollywood celebrities that died unnatural deaths.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one actress again who needs no introduction. Known as the sex symbol of the Hollywood industry of that time, she not only stood as a strong feminine statement, but also was a strong woman who had experienced a lot in life. She was found dead due to drug overdose, wherein she consumed variety of drugs to kill herself, thus terming her death as a clear case of suicide.

2. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger needs no introduction as he is popularly known as the Joker in the famous Batman movie. His character in the movie, though negative, had gathered huge applaud and appreciation all across the world, resulting in him receiving about 30 awards for his performance. This actor was found dead due to drug overdose. He subjected himself to a variety of drugs, including sleeping pills and anti depressants, leading to a shocking death.

3. Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate, a beautiful model who had just started off with her acting career with her movie Valley of the Dolls, was found brutally murdered in her house by the followers of Charles Manson. Due to the Charles Manson’s cult killing spree in 1969, this young model met with a shocking and untimely death before she could make it big in the film industry.

4. James Dean

James Dean stole millions of hearts with movies such as East of Eden and Giant. Loved and appreciated by many, his strong acting career came to a standstill when at the mere age of 24 he met with an unexpected vehicular accident. The spot at which this unpleasant incident took place has been termed as ‘The James Dean Memorial’ in memory of this amazing actor who died at such a young age.

5. Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood, whose original name was Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko was an American actress born to a Russian couple settled in San Francisco. Her acting skills took her to making it big both in television and films, but before she could actually make the best out of her opportunities, she was found dead drowned in water while on a cruise with her husband Robert Wagner and  actor friend Christopher Walken. No one knows how and why she was drowned in water, the only evidence found was that she was under the influence of alcohol when her death occurred in the water body.

6. George Reeves

The 1950’s Superman, George Reeves’ death came as another shocking incident when the ‘Adventures of Superman’ hero was found dead in his house inflicted by a gunshot. His death still remains a mystery as to whether it was actually a murder or a suicide. No evidence was found that he had any reason to end his life. Also, if he had been murdered, there were no evidences of that too, thus leading to a mysterious death case.

7. Thelma Todd

Thelma Todd was a famous American actress who was found dead in the front seat of her car, found in her lover’s ex wife’s garage. She was found dead due to the release of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, which led to suffocation and resulted in a shocking death. Suspicions gather that probably her death was caused due to some tiff she had with a mob boss.

8. Bob Crane

Bob Crane, popularly known for his acting skills and career in the TV series Hogan’s Heroes, was found dead in his apartment in Arizona. His head was bludgeoned by an object, which was later doubtfully reported to be a camera tripod. As there was no sign of any forced entry into his apartment, John Henry Carpenter, who was a close friend of his and his acquaintance who helped him in seducing women and recording them on a tape, was found guilty as Crane’s blood was found in Carpenter’s car. Yet later, the suspicion was lifted and Carpenter was not found guilty, which resulted in the unsolved death case of Bob Crane.

9. Sal Mineo

Sal Mineo is best known till date for his famous movie with the popular James Dean, ‘Rebel without a Cause’. Sal Mineo was definitely a rebel for coming out as a bisexual and being open about his homosexuality in public, which was definitely a huge deal at that time, when people were pretty hideous about their sexual preferences. This bold actor was found murdered in his apartment when he was stabbed in the chest with a knife. The accused was found to be a pizza delivery boy who had previously committed similar crimes in the neighbourhood.

10. Brian Keith

Known as the famous Uncle Bill Davis in the popular television show, The Family Affair, Brian Keith was loved by many due to this successful acting career. His movies were not only a commercial hit, but gained huge popularity and love from people all across the world. Keith supposedly committed suicide by inflicting a gunshot upon himself and thus shot himself to death. Many believe that Keith’s daughter ended her life in a similar way and committed suicide, which in a way compelled Brian Keith to give a full stop to his life as well.

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