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10 Of The Best And Coolest Characters From Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy is a Canadian-American animated comedy television series created by Danny Antonucci for Cartoon Network, and the sixth of the network’s Cartoon Cartoons. The series revolves around three preteen boys named Ed, Edd (called “Double D” to avoid confusion with Ed), and Eddy—collectively known as “the Eds”—who live in a suburban cul-de-sac in the fictional town of Peach Creek.

Under the unofficial leadership of Eddy, the trio frequently invent schemes to make money from their peers to purchase their favorite confection, jawbreakers. Their plans usually fail, leaving them in various, often humiliating, predicaments. Take a look below for our list of the 10 best and coolest characters from Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy.

1. Ed

Ed is kind, good-natured, and happy-go-lucky with a positive attitude towards almost everything and everyone he encounters. He is the type of person who sees everybody he meets as a potential friend. Ed is also very absent-minded and naive, making him the perfect candidate for Eddy to help him with his scams, as Ed hardly ever questions them. Even so, Ed never feels abused by Eddy despite being the workhorse for almost all of Eddy’s scams.

However, Ed is often the subject of abuse by his younger sister Sarah. He always fears Sarah when she gets him in the palm of her hand. Even though she torments him a lot, he still loves Sarah dearly and does his best to protect her and make her feel happy.

Ed is a loyal fan of low-budget horror movies and comic books, but often misinterprets them as reality. He is an animal lover as well, with chickens being his favorite animals, a running gag throughout the series. His love of chickens sees him often attempting to borrow those belonging to Rolf, and he once even ignored a Jawbreaker giveaway mere feet away from the candy store in order to dive into a gigantic chicken drive.

He has also displayed a selective affinity for music, as he was unable to play the violin when his mother commanded him to but was able to play the flute excellently in “Who’s Minding the Ed?” Ed also enjoys certain foods, most notably buttered toast and gravy, as the unused bathtub in his bedroom is filled with the latter. Other foods that Ed likes are pudding skin and Chunky Puffs.

2. Edd

Edd is a rather scrupulous, but kind and good-intentioned youth. Docile, polite and disciplined, he willingly adheres to the laws and regulations of his community. With his love and desire for order, he occasionally undertakes the role of a peacemaker. He is incredibly gentle and accepting, albeit sometimes awkward and timid in his interactions, particularly with people of the opposite sex. 

Although considered an outcast, he is a generally well-respected, if not appreciated, member of his peer group, whom he gladly counsels and assists if need be. Even so, perfectionist Edd is something of a “goody-two-shoes,” wishing to please and accommodate to the needs of others.

Edd is quite delicate and mysophobic, disliking any potentially “harmful” form of physical activity and among all, contamination. He will go great lengths to cleanse his environment, and exhibits numerous idiosyncrasies; among these odd habits are his tendency to name tag his every possession, to the extent of claiming to “not be able to rest in an unlabeled setting.” He has a significant dislike of sports as well, rooted perhaps from an infamous, scarcely mentioned dodgeball incident from his childhood.

What Edd lacks in physical strength is substituted by his intelligence, in a total reversal of the dim-witted yet physically stronger Ed. Exceptionally precocious, Edd is a promising young inventor with an interest in science. Although clever and perceptive, his foresights are often denied by an insidious Eddy. It is then that he displays his characteristic neuroticism and sarcasm, to the chagrin of his friends.

Edd has also proven on many occasions to be quite brave. In “The Day the Ed Stood Still,” he volunteered to potentially sacrifice himself to make up for his creation of Monster Ed. In the movie, he is among the first to stand up to Eddy’s Brother while he was torturing Eddy.

3. Eddy

Eddy is often selfish, and mostly works for his own interests, sometimes even neglecting his friends. Because he is frequently overambitious, deceiving, loud, and power-hungry, his peers often socially reject him. Kevin describes him as being “desperate” on more than one occasion, as Eddy is indeed starved for social acceptance and he is irritated by the fact that his rival Kevin is the most popular kid, whereas he is not even as popular as Plank.

A good example of his selfishness and greed is in “Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?” After manipulating Ed into buying jawbreakers instead of fudge for Sarah, Edd comes up with the idea of paying back Sarah, with interest. Eddy (more for himself than for Sarah) comes up with a scam that has Kevin giving Edd and Ed painful wedgies and hanging them from a tree, and afterward Eddy uses them as piñatas in a piñata scam with Jonny trying to get a prize out of them.

Eddy somewhat lives in his own world, in which everyone loves and admires him. In this world, he is more intelligent than Edd and is the literal King of the Cul-De-Sac. This dream world was shown during his part of Jonny’s bedtime story in “Once Upon an Ed.”

Eddy is possibly paranoid of Kevin as displayed in “The Luck of the Ed.” After Ed forgets where he hid Eddy’s prized magazines he suspects Kevin of stealing his magazines and that Ed, Edd and Jimmy are all in on the imagined heist.

Eddy has also displayed cowardly behavior on more than one occasion, having saved his own hide (or get free jawbreakers) rather than help his friends. Despite his horrible treatment, he shows that he does care about them and really cherishes their friendship.

Although there were some episodes who showed these trait (like in “A Fistful Of Ed” or “Momma’s Little Ed”), the most prominent one is in the movie, which matches with his character development: He saved Ed from an angry Rolf in the car chase, cried for an apology to Edd by admitting his faults, and smiles when Edd comforts him after showing remorse from his actions in the end of the movie.

4. Rolf

Rolf is an immigrant from a far and distant culture known to us only as The Old Country. The most evidence was shown in “No Speak Da Ed.” There, it was revealed that he is familiar with a trickster named Gerta who lives in Norway. During flashbacks in that episode, he is seen being chased by a person in a wolf costume.

Rolf works on his parents’ small farm within the Cul-de-Sac and leads a scouting group called the Urban Rangers; a Boy Scout-like group consisting of Jimmy, Plank, and Jonny. Rolf often refers to himself in third person, as well as being the “son of a shepherd,” in which he takes great pride.

He hardly minds the Eds unless they make a fool out of him or insult his culture, after which he is not afraid to use brute force. When his superhuman strength is unleashed, it rivals Ed’s; however, it should be considered that he is the second strongest character in the show, since he was seen lifting a tree with difficulty while Ed can lift a house single handed. Regardless, Rolf’s strength depends on his mood rather than his biology.

In multiple episodes, Rolf is shown to have green teeth. As shown in “If It Smells Like an Ed,” he has an obsession with jujubes. Rolf, like the other kids, shares the same infatuation with jawbreakers.

Rolf confuses the rest of the kids with his unusual customs, sayings, and food-making. He is one of the few characters who gets respect from all the kids. His best friend is Kevin, and he relates well with Jonny, as he tends to be an outsider as well. Rolf has a very strong accent and is exceptionally hairy.

Although he has not revealed his age, he claims that his hair is premature (as mentioned in “Scrambled Ed”). He has a strong liking for meat, and when he agreed on a bet to not eat meat for a whole day, he became severely emaciated almost instantly, not even having enough strength to open the cafeteria door or bite through celery. Seafood is shown to be an integral part of Rolf’s traditions in many episodes, particularly in “Dueling Eds,” in which sea cucumbers, dead fish and eels are featured, and in “Button Yer Ed,” in which Rolf’s breakfast feast is shown to be composed entirely of seafood.

5. Plank

Plank is the imaginary friend of Jonny 2×4. He is a plank of wood with eyes and a mouth painted on. Although Plank is claimed to be a living being, he is never heard or seen moving on screen, but Jonny seems to be able to understand what he is saying; however, this is likely just Jonny’s imagination.

It is massively questioned whether Plank really is alive or not due to the various implications of Plank moving, such as the scene in “Gimme, Gimme Never Ed.” In the episode, Eddy seems to dislike him for hurting him in various ways. Plank is somehow enrolled in Peach Creek Jr. High and plays on the football team. In “Too Smart for His Own Ed,” he participates in the annual school spelling bee (although he gets kicked out in the first round because nobody besides Jonny hears him speak).

Plank is almost always seen with Jonny. The two are near-inseparable and do everything together. For example, when Jonny became Captain Melonhead in the episode “Robbin’ Ed,” Plank became Splinter the Wonderwood, Jonny’s sidekick. Plank is implied by Jonny to be a bit of a prankster and a wiseguy, and is often blamed for causing his troublesome predicaments. Jonny is so engrossed in the world of his best friend that he even created parents and friends for Plank out of other pieces of wood laying around.

6. Johnny

Jonny is a kid in the Cul-de-Sac who is quite often a nuisance to the other kids. Jonny has a huge, bald head, which is often the butt of many jokes and repeatedly gets caught in branches whenever he climbs trees. He is talkative and frequently gets on the other kids’ nerves. He is rarely seen without his imaginary friend, a wooden board with drawn-on eyes and mouth named Plank.

Jonny seems kind, innocent and gullible, and he often forgives people no matter what they do. With some exceptions, he does not seem to mind the antics of the Eds, as he befriends them and sometimes even enjoys spending time with them.

He probably gets his nickname “Jonny 2×4” from his imaginary friend Plank, who happens to be a 2×4 piece of wood. He has one of the Cul-de-Sac’s darker skin tones alongside Rolf, and is usually seen in a white T-shirt, jeans, and sandals.

7. Nazz

Nazz Van Bartonschmeer is the unattainable love interest in the show. Trendy and beautiful, she mostly hangs out with Kevin. All of the boys except Rolf and Jimmy are infatuated with her. Whenever one of the boys encounters her, they often begin to sweat and lose the ability to speak coherently. She is the head cheerleader at Peach Creek Jr. High.

Although Nazz is usually depicted as sweet and smart, she can occasionally be somewhat eccentric and acts as the stereotypical “dumb blonde” and girl-next-door. She doesn’t mind the Eds unless they bother her or her friends.

Nazz is the happy beauty of the kids. She is kind-hearted, sweet-natured, laid-back, and even-tempered, but also has a lot of grit. Though pegged as the “dumb blonde” type, it is established early in the series that Nazz is noticeably more mature than the other kids.

At one point, she even condemned all the boys for picking on Jimmy (“Boys Will Be Eds”). In “Dim Lit Ed,” she condemned Kevin when he rammed Eddy with his “Dunce” cap. On one occasion, she even babysat Eddy (“To Sir with Ed”), which shows the adults probably find her trustworthy, as well as mature. She is also sensitive about her hair sometimes.

8. Marie

Marie is an easily angered, intimidating, and rather tomboyish girl. She has a very menacing personality, perhaps best exemplified in “Key to My Ed” when the presence of her and her sisters manages to stop a rumble and scare everyone away from the Lane. She is also shown to be quite strong, as in “Tag Yer Ed” she is able to defeat all three Eds in a wrestling match in less than 20 seconds. She has also been known to easily rip out Lee’s armpit hair, rip the covering off of a speaker, and restrain Eddy with nothing more than a pair of underwear.

Like the other Kankers, her anger is feared by all who have seen it. This is exemplified in both “Run for your Ed” and “May I have this Ed?” In the former episode, she and her sisters terrorize the cul-de-sac, causing a humongous wave of destruction comparable to a natural disaster whereas in the latter she (inadvertently) destroys Peach Creek Jr. High in a fit of jealousy brought on by seeing Nazz dancing with Edd. Like her sisters, she is mean to the other kids, and because of this has built up somewhat of a reputation.

While Lee is most often seen as the leader of the sisters, Marie has been known to strike out on her own, and in some cases challenges Lee for command of the trio. Of the three, she is the most rational, countering some of Lee’s viciousness and May’s stupidity. She is not easily scared and hardly ever backs down; in fact, there is only one known instance where she did back down. This is “A Fistful of Ed,” and she backed down after Eddy yelled at her and her sisters for picking on Edd after he lost a fight to Jimmy.

Marie is very crafty. This is largely because she is the most rational of the Kankers. Quite often, she is able to misdirect and mislead people. She is also known as the sneakiest of the Kankers.

9. Kevin

Kevin is the local jock in the Cul-de-Sac. Like Eddy, he is cynical, arrogant, and cruel at times. Kevin has a garage full of jawbreakers because his father works at a Jawbreaker factory, and loves customizing his bike. When not riding his trusty bike, he usually hangs out with Rolf and Nazz in the Lane.

He, like every boy in the show except for Jimmy and Rolf, has a crush on Nazz. Kevin is a gym assistant and hall monitor at Peach Creek Jr. High and enjoys playing sports. He hates all three Eds to the point of extreme paranoia, but holds a more intense hatred for Eddy because of their conflicting egos and because of Eddy’s attempts to deceive the Kids with his scams.

He tends to call the Eds “dorks” and has a habit of coming up with words merged with dork to suit the situation. In fact, in “All Eds Are Off,” where some of the kids had to give up something they like for a bet, Kevin had to give up calling the Eds “dorks”, which he could not refrain from doing for very long.

10. May Kanker

May is the youngest of the Kanker Sisters and is distinguished largely by her buck teeth, frequent snorts, and nasally voice. She is the quietest of the Kanker Sisters and probably the most individualistic, as she is the only one to make an appearance in an episode without her sisters (“Truth or Ed”).

Quite often, she stays in the background while Lee, and Marie to a lesser extent, does the talking. On occasion, she does speak up, but usually she seems content to follow her older siblings. However, when she does speak up, her voice is often loud and piercing, and this has been shown to be one of her techniques for persuading her sisters to undertake a course of action.

Like her sisters, May is willing to resort to physical violence when necessary and even when it’s not. Although she is slower to anger than her sisters are, she has proven repeatedly that she can hold her own in a fight and that, in some cases, she relishes them. It is a bad idea to menace her, as she is quite willing to stand up for herself, and in “Run for your Ed” she was shown to dish out as much destruction as her sisters.

As the youngest and most individualistic of the Kanker Sisters, May also faces the most overt bullying from her siblings. This is shown early on, in “Nagged to Ed”, when her sisters essentially regulate her to the bottom of the pile (although she fights this to some extent).

Perhaps the best example of this treatment comes in “Ed Overboard”, though, where she is shown being the victim of a mean-spirited prank by her sisters. Despite the fact that she is probably the closest thing to an outcast sibling the Kanker family has, she is certainly loved by her sisters, as in the same episode her sisters are willing to kidnap Ed just to cheer her up. She is also seen getting along quite well with her sisters when they’re pursuing the Eds.

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