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10 Of The Best And Coolest Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Characters

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is the first video game in the Skylanders series, developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. It is an action 3D platformer video game that is played along with toy figures that interact with it through a “Portal of Power”, that reads their tag through NFC and features the voices of Josh Keaton, Darin De Paul, Dave Wittenberg, Keythe Farley, Audrey Wasilewski, Joey Camen and Kevin Michael Richardson. It was released in October 2011 for North America, Europe, and Australia for PC (Windows, OS X), Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

For Japan, it was released on July 12, 2013, where it was published by Square Enix, for the Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.

Activision announced that as of June 3, 2012, the game had been the top selling console and handheld video game worldwide for 2012. As of March 31, 2012, Activision has sold over 30 million Skylanders toys, and sales were expected to exceed $500 million by the end of the year. A direct sequel, Skylanders: Giants, was released in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U.

Take a look below for our list of 10 of the best and coolest Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure characters.

1. Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf’s signature outfit consists of a brown, cropped tank top that reveals her bare green skin, matching gloves with two gold buckles on each wrist, mask, tights, skirt, and boots with the same buckles. Her blue hair is styled into a braid with bangs covering her forehead.

Stealth Elf, like all elves, adores nature. She is considered to be a guardian protector of the forests and of Skylands. She may be a highly trained ninja, but sometimes Stealth Elf is known to have a sense of a rampaging Cyclops Mammoth. She speaks her mind, whether others want to hear it or not. She can sneak her way into any enemy’s territory, but can also be tactless. Like all Life Skylanders, Stealth Elf prefers to keep her feet on the ground. Stealth Elf is also known to use trickery to get out of situations she doesn’t feel like doing herself, using her decoys. 

As a small child, Stealth Elf awoke one morning inside the hollow of an old tree with no memory of how she got there. She was taken in by an unusually stealthy, ninja-like forest creature in the deep forest. Under his tutelage, she has spent the majority of her life training in the art of stealth fighting. After completing her training, she became a Skylander and set out into the world to uncover the mystery behind her origins.

2. Ignitor

Gallant and trustworthy, Ignatius changed his name to Ignitor and remains true to his pledge to use his powers to protect the innocent. Since his encounter with the witch that gave him the cursed armor, he holds a dislike for witches.

On his first quest as a knight, Ignitor was tricked by a cunning witch into wearing a magical suit of armor that he was told would resist fire from a dragon. But as it turned out, it was made of cursed steel. He journeyed to a dragon’s lair where a single blast of fire transformed him into a blazing spirit, binding him to the suit of armor for eternity. Despite this setback, Ignitor remains a spirited knight who is always fired up to protect Skylands from evil… and find the witch that tricked him.

3. Drobot

Exceptionally intelligent, Drobot is driven by logic and the pursuit of knowledge. He can turn his hand to any technology and is ferocious in battle. A super-genius, Drobot analyses everything he comes across. While he seemed cold and calculating at first, the Skylanders soon discovered that he is as brave as he is intelligent. Drobot may be smart, but he never shies away from a fight. Instead of waiting to be invited to be a Skylander, Drobot sought out Master Eon and offered his services. Like many dragons, he also has a sense of humor and uses his knowledge to come up with new pranks.

Dragons are smart, but none so much as Drobot. He was born in the highest reaches of Skylands, where dragons spent all their time competing in aerial battles. But Drobot was more interested in taking things apart to see how they worked. While exploring one day, he came upon some mysterious technology, which he used to assemble a robotic suit. Features include laser beams that shoot from his eyes, flight enhancement technology, a vocal synthesizer that gives him a deep booming voice, and the ability to shoot spinning gears. With such power – more than most other dragons – Drobot joined the Skylanders to help protect the residents of Skylands.

4. Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy’s solution to every problem is being, well, trigger-happy. He is known by the other Skylanders as a crazy gunslinger who will take down any evil-doer. The gremlin always loved hearing about his friends’ exploits in their fight against evil to the point of hopping from one foot to the other in excitement. Trigger Happy is also shown to have a sense of humor, as he always liked nothing better than to hide a sheep or two in Hugo’s wardrobe most weekends to mess with the Mabu. In the Goldslinger Micro Comic, Trigger Happy shows a liking for roleplaying, passing as a dramatic Western fiction hero for the fun of it, and trying to convince Spyro to do similar in the future.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, despite his reckless personality, Trigger Happy shows great knowledge of fighting gear and machine customization, as seen previously in SuperChargers with his personally customized Gold Rusher.

Trigger Happy is more than his name — it’s his solution to every problem. Nobody knows from where he came. He just showed up one day in a small village, saving it from a group of terrorizing bandits by blasting gold coins everywhere with his custom-crafted shooters. Similar tales were soon heard from other villages, and his legend quickly grew. Now everyone in all of Skylands knows of the crazy goldslinger that will take down any bad guy… usually without bothering to aim.

5. Terrafin

Unlike most Dirt Sharks, Terrafin possesses a taller and more masculine stature. He has black skin with a white underbelly starting from his face and downward. His eyes are white with black pupils. The spots on his back also seem to be glowing reddish orange.

Terrafin is a fighter and has a personality to match. He’s rough and physically minded, and blunt in his dealings with others. His comments in the various Skylander videos suggest that he’s got a personality based on B.A. Barracus from the A-Team TV series. He often states he’s both a fighter and a lover. Nothing gets Terrafin on the ropes. If he’s knocked down he gets straight back up again, coming back fighting from any scrap. He thinks with his fists, and sometimes his teeth. Terrafin may be a little rough and ready, but he’s always ready to use his mighty shark-fists to protect the innocent.

Terrafin hails from The Dirt Seas, where it was common to swim, bathe, and even snorkel beneath the ground. But a powerful explosion in the sky created a blast wave that turned the ocean of sand into a vast sheet of glass, putting an end to Terrafin’s duty as the local lifeguard. Not one to stay idle, the brawny dirt shark found himself training in the art of boxing, and not long after he was local champ. Fighters came from all around to challenge him, but it was a chance meeting with a great Portal Master that led him to give up his title for a greater purpose.

6. Chop Chop

As an Arkeyan elite, Chop Chop’s appearance is based around the elements of Undead and Tech. His body is mostly comprised of what appears to be human bones and blue, metal armor. He wears a blue breastplate with golden trimming that matches his gloves and boots. His head appears to be modeled after a human skull only with a pair of yellow, featureless eyes that match the spot on his forehead and his mouth, and a gold trimmed crest on top. He wields a steel sword and shield as part of his moveset.

With his skeletal frame, cold voice, and tremendous abilities, Chop Chop is often assumed to be a bit of a frightening fellow. In truth, he is a very frightening fellow. Despite that however, he appears to possess a sense of honor, as shown by his dedication to finding those who created him.

Chop Chop was once an elite warrior belonging to the ancient race of Arkeyan beings. Like many of the Arkeyans, he was created from a hybrid of elements – in his case, undead magic and technology. Chop Chop is a relentless, highly-skilled solider who wields a sword and shield made of an indestructible metal. With the Arkeyans having vanished long ago, Chop Chop wandered Skylands for centuries looking for his creators. Eventually, he was found by Eon and recruited as a Skylander.

7. Slam-Bam

Slam Bam can be a little frosty with folks he doesn’t know, but soon thaws over time. Get on his bad side, however, and the polar pugilist will knock you out cold.

Slam Bam lived alone on a floating glacier in a remote region of Skylands, where he spent his time ice surfing, eating snow cones, and sculpting amazing ice statues. It was a peaceful life, until Kaos destroyed the glacier, stranding Slam Bam on an iceberg that drifted through the skies for days. He awoke on Eon’s Island, where he was taken in and trained to become a Skylander. Now his ice sculptures serve as a frosty prison for any evil-doer that gets in his way.

8. Double Trouble

A loner at heart, Double Trouble discovered the joys of companionship through his clones. Always upbeat, the spirited shaman is a bundle of unearthly Eldritch energy.

Double Trouble was an adept spellcaster. On an expedition to find exotic ingredients for his potions, he traveled in search of a rare lily that was said to multiply the power of any spell. So thrilled was he when he found it, Double Trouble instantly ate the plant and performed a spell. Suddenly, there was a loud pop… then another… and another – until Double Trouble was surrounded by exact copies of himself. As it turned out, he had misunderstood the details about exactly what would multiply. But it didn’t matter, for he quickly realized the clones were delightful companions… never mind that they were only half his size and would explode on contact.

9. Spyro

Although eager and young at heart, Spyro is a strong-willed dragon who is fearless and brave; a born hero dedicated to defending his world from all things evil. He holds a photographic memory, and as a result, has encyclopedic knowledge of all the islands and creatures in Skylands he has encountered, more so than any other Skylander. He is always up for adventure (his favorite kind being treasure hunts), and is the first Skylander to leap into action.

Spyro is a usual quick learner, able to master new abilities in a matter of hours. Due to this, he is convinced that he can be good at everything so he can put his new powers to good use to help defend Skylands. However Spyro isn’t used to not being able to learn new abilities right away, feeling greatly disheartened when he isn’t able to harness them despite being trained by Master Eon, the greatest among the Portal Masters.

Although he is well in the company of his companions, Spyro possesses a headstrong and impulsive side. In The Machine of Doom, he believed that he could do everything by himself, implying that Spyro was used to doing heroics on his own prior to becoming a Skylander. This resulted in him struggling to work in a team at first (with his Skylander companions always reminding Spyro that he doesn’t have to do everything by himself). However, his headstrong trait has presumably diminished during the course of being a Skylander when Spyro gradually became more humble, as shown in Spyro versus The Mega Monsters when he shared his victory over Kaos with the other Skylanders who helped him. He always keeps his temper in check, but there are times when he allows his emotions to get the better of him.

After many adventures with the Skylanders, Spyro grew into a natural leader dedicated to scorching the forces of darkness. He takes his role as a Skylander seriously after being taught by Master Eon and holds deep insight regarding his fellow Skylanders, seeing them as more than just a team, but family, making them an unstoppable force against the toughest of foes. According to Roller Brawl, Spyro’s leadership is on par with a roller derby’s pivot, “establishing the team’s strategy and sets the pace of the pack”.

In Imaginators, Spyro still displays a slight cocky behavior and occasionally cracks a joke or two, much to the dismay of certain Skylanders. According to him, he is awesome, but a Skylander who does pretty good in handling Doomlanders is pretty cool in his book.

10. Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is described as the maternal individual of the Skylanders, since she and her young are the only Skylanders who fight evil as a family. As protective as only a mother can be, maternal Sonic Boom shelters all who need help beneath her wings. She also dislikes bullying. Sonic Boom can also be sensitive, as demonstrated in Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers when she looked hurt after Terrafin yelled at the griffin in order to get though Sonic Boom’s screeching.

Long ago, Sonic Boom took refuge high atop a mountain peak in the far reaches of Skylands, hoping to keep her griffin hatchlings safe. But despite her precautions, a devious wizard tracked her down and placed a wicked curse on the griffin eggs. Once hatched, the young hatchlings can live for only mere moments before they magically return to their shells… only to be hatched again in an endless cycle. Wanting to prevent such evil from happening to others, Sonic Boom joined the Skylanders and has trained her young to defend Skylands each time they are hatched.

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