10 Of The Best And Greatest Ben 10 Aliens

Ben 10 is an American franchise and television series created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The franchise revolves around a boy named Ben Tennyson who acquires a watch-style alien device, the Omnitrix, which contains DNA of different alien species and allows him to transform into ten aliens initially and later on new aliens are added in the Omnitrix. Take a look below for 10 of the best and greatest Ben 10 aliens.

1. Diamondhead

Diamondhead’s body is composed of extremely thick organic green crystals. He has the ability to manipulate the atomic structure of his physiology at will, allowing him to form his limbs into diamond weapons such as blades and bludgeons. Moreover, he can control all the crystals he generates, to the point that he can make them explode or lift them off the ground. He can fire crystal shards sequentially out of his hands and can explode his body parts into crystalline formations, as well as make crystal constructs grow from his body, the latter of which he used to protect Gwen from a falling tree by making large crystalline spikes appear on his back and then disappear.

Diamondhead can make monstrous and large clusters of crystals, conjuring walls and forming crystal shields and ramps. He can also generate crystals from the ground at a distance, can reshape his projectiles into limited shapes, and can also form gaping hands to capture enemies. Diamondhead is capable of encasing enemies in crystals, and can create crystals inside of objects and cause them to spike out.

2. XLR8

XLR8 can manipulate friction to reach speeds of 500 miles per hour within two seconds. He can accelerate so quickly that time appears to completely stop to him, allowing him to change the positions of things around him while they are moving. Kinecelerans seem to become faster as they grow older, seeing how XLR8 was capable of traveling globally in just a few seconds when used by Ben 10,000.

Basically, XLR8 can run so fast to the point where he cannot be seen until a camera’s slow-motion is used. He also appears to have more control over his speed than fellow speed alien Fasttrack, seeing as XLR8 could always stop immediately after running for a while, whereas Fasttrack can have trouble stopping if he runs too fast. Furthermore, while XLR8 is implied to be even faster than Citrakayahs, he is also faster than Aerophibians on the ground.

3. Heatblast

Being one of Ben’s most versatile alien forms, Heatblast is a pyrokinetic, meaning he has the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from his body. He can form fire into any shape that he chooses, commonly fireballs. He can also enhance the fire in his hands for flaming punches, and can breathe fire like a dragon. To top it all off, he can even absorb heat and fire at the same time. This means he can put out a fire faster than he can start one.

Heatblast’s fire can become hot enough to melt a tank or a road, as he almost buried Vilgax in boiling tar when he was younger. Several years later, Heatblast was able to bury him in the ground up to his shoulders.

Heatblast can make his flames explosive, explaining why his fire tended to cause explosions on a regular basis. On that note, he can even create fire uses with the snap of his fingers. He can also create sharp fire-made disks and throw them as slicing weapons, as seen when he battled a swarm of Vilgax’s Drones.

4. Ghostfreak

Ghostfreak’s powers are composed of several aspects of traditional ghosts from myths and lore such as flight, levitation, phasing through solid matter, intangibility, invisibility, and body possession.

Ghostfreak is able to possess the bodies of his enemies and control their movements to the point where he can cause them to fly like himself, allowing him to freely slam them against walls or hit themselves. He can also access the abilities of other beings that possess superpowers. In the case of Darkstar, he also had access to his powers once he possessed him.

5. Rath

Rath’s personality resembles that of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine and a stereotypical professional wrestler.

Rath almost always speaks in third person. Sometimes, when he becomes extremely angry, he mixes up metaphors (such as “a man’s food is his castle” or “you just bit off an eye that’s bigger than your stomach can chew”). He is self-aware that they do not make sense, but still continues to use them anyway.

Rath’s muscle-over-brains mindset makes him needlessly argue with everyone around him. He even shouts at inanimate objects, like a hole he made in the ground, a stolen spaceship, gravity, water, fire, the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix for their malfunctions, the Proto-Tool’s laser pointer, a giant ball of yarn, and a paper bag on his head, arguments of which were ridiculous and that occasionally lead him to harm both himself and others. His big mouth often gets Rath and his teammates into trouble, such as when Kevin tried to reach an agreement with Vulkanus, Rath began mocking the latter’s defeats from them and called him “baby man”, resulting in the negotiation downgrading into a fight.

When Rath is angry at someone or something, he usually yells a sentence starting with, “Let me tell ya something” followed by the full name of the person, calling Kevin by this, or their position, labeling Khyber as “self-proclaimed greatest huntsman in the galaxy”.

Rath is very fearless to the point of recklessness, as he didn’t hesitate to literally jump down Jarett’s throat to rescue the Tiffin or about firing the Vreedle Brothers out into space after they blasted him and his tray of food. Rath also does not make empty threats, as shown after saving the Tiffin and threatening to mutilate Jarett with rearrangement of his organs into a sweater if he started a war with the Lewodans, his low growl hinted he meant it. He also once outright admitted he intended to hit Rojo in the head during a train robbery. Ben even agreed with Gwen’s premonition that Rath would do something unthinkable if he ever went after J.T. and Cash upon learning about them taking credit for his heroics.

6. Wildmutt

Wildmutt’s main ability is his sense of smell. As he has no eyes, his “vision” is made up of a dull 3D mapping of where his senses originate, similar to a thermograph. Combined with his enhanced hearing, his senses take the form of a radar or sonar, allowing him to still perceive his environment more clearly.

Wildmutt can sense invisible entities, therefore making invisibility useless against him.

Wildmutt’s enhanced speed and reaction time allows him to dodge, evade, and counterattack effortlessly with the help of his senses.

7. Upgrade

Upgrade is not completely solid, as he can be both liquid and gelatinous. The nanites in his body are what allow Upgrade to reshape and move like liquid even though he’s a solid being. Due to this, he can reshape himself to let projectiles or blows pass through him by creating a hole in his body at will. His physiology also makes him extremely flexible.

Upgrade can use his internal nanotechnology to merge with and possess any technology by encasing himself over it. The size of the device is not significant and he controls it as naturally as he would his own body. When he merges, he upgrades the technology, making the technology he possesses far more advanced and futuristic, causing new features to form. After he separates from a machine, it returns to normal.

Upgrade’s technological possession can work on non-electrical machinery, such as a row machine in a gym. This ability extends to even sentient beings that are mechanical in nature, like Chronosapiens and probably Nanochips.

8. Swampfire

Swampfire has the ability to ignite methane in his palms similar to a flamethrower. After his blossoming, he ignites methane from yellow holes in his palms. His fire blasts are precise enough for him to shoot a cage with Kevin and Gwen in it, while the cage melted and Kevin and Gwen were left unharmed.

Before “blossoming”, Swampfire’s fire blasts were powerful enough to harm Vaxasaurians and Sonorosians. In his “blossomed” form, his fire blasts have become more powerful than before.

Swampfire is capable of limited flight through means of launching fire from his palms as jet propulsion, much like Heatblast.

Swampfire has a high degree of chlorokinesis, being able to telepathically interface with plant life, manipulate and instantly create biological agriculture, and generate a gas that makes exposed plant life elongate, enlarge and ensnare enemies, seemingly being mutated by the gases. Some plants have a brief green aura when he influences them.

9. Alien X

Alien X has three personalities: Serena, the “voice of love and compassion”, Bellicus, the “voice of rage and aggression”, and Ben, the “voice of reason”.[1] All three of these voices combine to form Alien X’s speech. Otherwise, Alien X is silent. The only things he will say are what he will be doing – what Ben, Bellicus, and Serena have agreed to do.

As Serena and Bellicus have been arguing for eternity and before they had no tiebreaker, getting them to focus on any present task is difficult at best. This leaves Alien X’s body trapped in place, floating about a foot above the ground until an agreement is made.

10. Feedback

Similar to Chromastone, Feedback has the ability to absorb and redirect any kind of energy, most commonly electricity. This ability is refined to the point that Feedback can redirect any type of energy at near-point-blank range. He absorbs energy through the plug-like conductors on his antennae, tail, and fingers.

Feedback can absorb energy out of living beings, as seen when he battled Argost and Phil in his Terroranchula form.

Feedback can absorb a Crystalsapien’s ultraviolet beams and missiles that are generated by an Evolved Vaxasaurian.

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