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10 Of The Best And Most Interesting Characters In Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a 2015 interactive drama survival horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. Players assume control of eight young adults who have to survive on Blackwood Mountain when their lives are threatened. The game features a butterfly effect system in which players must make choices that may change the story. All playable characters can survive or die, depending on the choices made. Players explore the environment from a third-person perspective and find clues that may help solve the mystery.

The game was originally planned as a first-person game for the PlayStation 3’s motion controller PlayStation Move. The motion controls were dropped when it became a PlayStation 4 game. The story was written by Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, who sought to create the video game equivalent of a slasher film. The development team took inspiration from various sources. These include the movies Evil Dead II and Poltergeist, and video games Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill. To ensure the game was scary, the team used a galvanic skin response test to measure playtesters’ fear levels when playing it. Jason Graves composed the soundtrack and Guerrilla Games’ Decima game engine was used for the graphics. Several noted actors, including Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere, Meaghan Martin, Brett Dalton, Jordan Fisher, Nichole Bloom, and Peter Stormare, provided motion capture and voice acting.

Until Dawn was announced at Gamescom 2012 and released in August 2015. Although the title received little marketing effort from Sony, its sales surpassed expectations. The game received generally positive reviews. Critics praised the branching story, butterfly effect system, world building, characters, and use of quick time events. Criticisms were aimed at the incorporation of motion controls, lack of build up the second act, and cliché dialogue. Until Dawn was nominated for multiple year-end accolades. Supermassive followed the game with a virtual reality spin-off, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (2016), and a prequel, The Inpatient (2018).

Take a look below for our list of 10 of the best and most interesting characters in Until Dawn.

1. Sam

Sam is described in-game as diligent, considerate, and adventurous. She seems to be the most level-headed and friendly member of the group and is rarely the cause of drama, even though she can be spunky and have somewhat of a strong personality.

Sam is a warm individual who cares deeply about her friends and their feelings, especially Hannah after the prank they pulled on her. She loves and genuinely cares about animals and nature, and her dream job is to be a conservationist. According to Hayden Panettiere, she is a vegan. In addition, she was described as not being afraid to be herself and not be bothered by being made fun of.

She is a pacifist with a disdain for violence and conflict, but will not shy away from fighting in order to save herself and her friends. Highly resourceful and resilient, Sam demonstrates remarkable calmness and decisiveness when under pressure. She is brave and strong-willed and will not let fear take control of her and change her in any way.

2. Mike

Described in-game as intelligent, driven and persuasive, Mike is known among the survivors for being promiscuous, and “loves women” despite his hatred of commitment.

According to a hallucination of Dr. Hill, Mike has a fear of isolation despite being on his own more than any other character in the game. However, this could just be a misrepresentation of Mike from the patient’s perspective. It should be noted Mike may have a fear of misfortune towards his friends or them turning against him or each other. This is supported by the fact he fears the idea of Emily becoming a Wendigo, considers Chris unreliable after Chris knocks out Josh, expresses disbelief at the idea of Hannah cannibalizing Beth, and is also shown to exhibit a slight martyr complex, declaring that he will keep his friends safe and will risk himself to go to the Wendigos’ lair alone, as well as sacrificing his own life to kill the Wendigos if needed.

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Mike initially comes across as being self-absorbed, somewhat vain, immature and an all round stereotypical ‘jock’. However, over the events of the game he emerges as a brave and resourceful young man, putting his own life at risk to help his friends and trying to ensure the others’ survival.

3. Chris

Described as methodical, protective, and humorous, Chris’ three highest base traits are charitable, funny and curious. He’s very affable and has a witty sense of humor which can be off-putting to his friends. He’s analytical, not one to believe in the occult, and isn’t easily scared.
Chris is also a lover of gadgets, and can’t go long without looking at his phone screen. He dreams of being an app designer. He loves technology, and can’t stand a place without internet access.

During the events of Until Dawn, it becomes obvious that he is very protective and truly cares for his friends as he insists on finding Sam and risks his life to rescue Josh. Depending on the player’s choice, he may also sacrifice himself (though he is later shown to be fine) to save Ashley in one of the Psycho’s traps.

Chris seems to have trouble confessing his real feelings towards his crush Ashley, making him the target for all the teasing by Josh.

4. Josh

Josh is described as thoughtful, loving, and complex. Josh’s interactions with the other survivors tend to be humorous. He cares for his friends, acts as a brotherly figure to Chris, and likes to make sure everyone is having a good time. He goes to Sam for support after the loss of his sisters.

His dreams of following his father’s footsteps in becoming a film producer make him very knowledgeable about special effects and movie props and as such, he constantly uses phrases and words from movies.

Josh struggles to come to terms with the disappearance of his sisters. The event triggered depression, which became more and more severe a year before the events of Until Dawn. He appears to have psychosis, which was caused by this depression, and schizophrenia: a mental illness characterized by a disconnection from reality.

If the Psychiatric Report is found, it’s revealed that Josh has been diagnosed as mentally ill since he was 11 years old. However, all medications that are listed in the record are solely for depression treatment. It is also implied he has a fear of isolation.

5. Emily

Emily is described in-game as intelligent, resourceful, and persuasive. She has a quick tongue and a sharp wit, and is known in the group for her withering put-downs. She mentions that she has a 4.0 GPA during an argument with Jessica.

Emily dreams of being a magazine style editor, has a passion for fashion, and dislikes not getting her way in situations. She is quick to temper, and very disagreeable when another’s line of thinking is not her own.

Emily possesses what can be considered a narcissistic attitude. In a conversation with Matt, she invented two rules she praised Matt for following: “1: Emily is always right. 2: Nothing else matters because Emily is always right.” Even in the face of being wrong, Emily’s pride forces her to verbally lash out and put another down, Matt being at the forefront of those insults.

During the game, it is portrayed that she is “never wrong”, and “everything is everyone else’s fault.” Whenever challenged, Emily has a talent for redirecting conversations and digressing in order to get a one up.

Despite her adamant personality, she shows a weaker side when in danger, feeling the need to be protected, and will only protect herself if needed. However, when she is alone she shows courage and independence.

Emily shows a deep remorse for the disappearance of Beth and Hannah. In a session with Dr. Hill, he talks about her fear of failure, which he claims Emily has.

6. Ashley

Ashley is described in-game as academic, inquisitive, and forthright. She seems to love books. She dislikes horror movies and dreams of being an author.

While Ashley did partake in the prank against Hannah, she had the least involvement of the group, being a mere onlooker. She can be repentant about participating in the prank if the player so chooses, but she can also be dismissive and lay the blame with Hannah, claiming she overreacted.

Ashley seems to be friendly, cheerful, and generally happy to be around her friends, despite what happened a year ago. She seems to be more polite and serious than the other protagonists, as she doesn’t use profanity often like other group members. Ashley is shown to be very observant, yet she is also easily scared due to her wild imagination, which is shown in later chapters.

As the night progresses, she becomes increasingly distressed and scared by the seemingly supernatural events taking place. As such, she at times demonstrates reluctance in looking for Sam when the latter is missing, though Chris can usually convince her to continue and even show courage in the face of a potential threat.

Still, when in actual danger, Ashley is not as quick on her feet as Mike or Emily; this is shown when she manages to stab the Psycho in the shoulder with a pair of scissors, but then fails to either follow up on this attack or escape.

Depending on the player’s actions, Ashley can be shown to possess a vengeful streak. If Chris chose to shoot her and save himself earlier, she’ll refuse to let him into the lodge, causing him to be killed by a Wendigo.

7. Matt

Matt is described in-game as motivated, ambitious and active, which is mostly remarking on his visible passion for sports. Despite his impressively strong appearance, Matt’s character is far from being impetuous: he generally comes across as friendly, even being described as the good guy of the group by Dr. Hill. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has a big heart and knows when to stay out of the way of situations.

Matt is also described as having low bravery, which is mainly translated to mean that he is a pushover, especially when it comes to his new girlfriend, Emily, to whom he is fiercely loyal to. Their relationship can be clearly quite one-sided at times, and Emily may take advantage of this trait.

However, his cowardly side can be countered by his brave side, in which he risks his own well-being and safety to save those close to him.

8. Jessica

Described in-game as confident, trusting, and irreverent, Jessica is a typical provocative young woman, who is quite brash in personality and dreams of being a model.

She is typically laid back, flirty and playful, constantly giving nicknames and acting immature. However, once provoked, she can be quite defensive and fierce. She does seem to care deeply for animals, being shocked and upset after killing a bird and seeing the mauled deer.

She is very open about her sexuality, flaunting the fact that she’ll have sex with Mike, her boyfriend. Depending on the player’s choices, Jessica may reveal to Mike that she uses her seductive skills as a shield from her insecurities.

9. Beth

Beth is a caring and protective person. After the prank on Hannah, she was angry at Mike, Emily, Jessica, Matt and Ashley and called them “jerks”, after which she ran out in the cold woods by herself to look for Hannah.

When she found Hannah, she immediately gave her her coat, despite wearing yoga pants when Hannah was wearing jeans. When Hannah tripped and fell while running away from what was later revealed to be a Wendigo, Beth immediately turned back to help her get up and run again, putting herself at risk. Her highest traits are honest and charitable, while her lowest are funny and romantic.

She often displays impulsiveness, as seen when she ran out in the cold weather to look for Hannah. She is not as naive as her sister and can sometimes even be seen as cautious.

10. Hannah

At the beginning of the game, Hannah had a crush on Mike. Based on her diary and her actions in the prologue, she is seen as being very trusting towards others. Her twin sister refers to her as being ‘naive’.

Hannah’s near-obsessive crush on Mike and the lengths she goes to in an attempt to get him to notice her suggest she is rather insecure and tries her best to be appreciated by others. Given the results of the compatibility test, she is probably the opposite of Mike in terms of personality, who generally comes across as bold and outgoing.

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