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10 Of The Best Comic Book Series Of The Late 1950s

Take a look below for our list of 10 of the best comic book series of the late 1950s.

1. The Rows of Cherry Trees

The Rows Of Cherry Trees by Takahashi Makoto is a one-volume manga from 1957 that could be considered a precursor to the Yuri Genre.

The 4-chapter story centers around three students (first year Yukiko Nakahara, second year Ayako Sunayama and third year Chikage Maki) competing in a ping-pong tournament at the Sakura Girls’ Institute. It also delves in Yukiko’s mind and backstory, how Chikage became a huge influence in her life, and how much she adores her.

2. Suzukake no Michi

An old Japanese manga about a woman and an old man.

3. Castle of Dawn

Japan, 1594. In an effort to hold his chief rival in check, the shogun entrusts his loyal vassal, Lord Matsunoki with a plan to construct a new castle.

4. Aa Taiheiyou: Mizuki Shigeru Senki Senshuu

Shigeru Mizuki’s stories of the Pacific War.

5. Yuka wo Yobu Umi

An old Japanese manga about a girl and her life.

6. Hakaba Kitaro

Kitaro is a yokai boy born in a cemetery, and aside from his mostly-decayed father, the last living member of the Ghost tribe.

7. Chronicles of a Ninja’s Military Accomplishments

The classic, long ninja-saga. Many intertwined themes and many characters. It is a series that is as well a traditional samurai tale as an attempt of Shirato to uncover the role of revolting peasants in feudal Japan. It was made into a full feature film by Nagisa Ooshima in 1966.

Kagemura is a fictional samurai, the hero of the story, aiding the peasants in their struggle for life. Nobunaga Oda, the historical 16th century warlord is his opponent.

8. Doctor Thrill

Dr. Thrill and his son Kenta are mystery aficionados who work as amateur detectives. Tezuka started writing stand alone chapters but, at the request of his editors, he later transformed Dr. Trill into a serial mystery.

9. Hurricane G Men

A group of super powered heroes created by the mega corporation, Vought-American. The G-Men were the brainchild of the unstable pedophile, John Godolkin. In their time, they were Vought-American’s most bankable super team, raking in billions of dollars worldwide.

10. Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid is a Western comic book series published by Charlton Comics, with stories of a fictional character based on the historical Billy the Kid. Taking over the numbering of a previous Western comic, Masked Raider, Billy the Kid was published from issues #9-153.

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