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10 Of The Best Eurodisco Artists And Bands

Eurodisco is an electronic genre of European music that evolved from late 70’s disco & incorporates multiple genres (like pop, rock, etc) into a continuous dance pattern you’d commonly find in traditional disco music. Take a look below for our list of 10 of the best Eurodisco artists and bands.

1. Giorgio Moroder

He’s a musical engineer & helped make EDM what it is. He invented electronic music as we know it & paved the way for all the artists to continue the electronic world of music. Yet Eurodisco’s an EDM genre. He helped produce Donna Summer’s peak dance song I Feel Love, which defined Eurodisco & all of EDM & paved the way for other such artists to sing such songs. Never forget what he did for the world. He’s the father of disco indeed.

2. Donna Summer

She’s the top of the singing game in Eurodisco & her vocals in all her songs including I Feel Love truly set the tone for Eurodisco & all of EDM. She really nailed it. Without her, we wouldn’t have had all these crazy songs by such artists. She was the real dancing queen. R.I.P. to the queen of disco (1948-2012).

3. Modern Talking

They dominated the Eurodisco scene in the 80s & they also explored new wave (including synth pop), which made them somewhat versatile. Which’s good since they became successful for their quality. They had a number of hit songs over the years like Cheri Cheri Lady, Just We 2, Jet Airliner, etc.


They defined European pop music in general & experimented with popular genres including Eurodisco. Their top song Dancing Queen became the 1st #1 pop hit in Europe. Why would t they be the top band for Eurodisco music? They inspired countless artists & other bands, all showing you their diversity in quality & genres. They’re unmatched.

5. Boney M.

A Euro-Caribbean group that mixed Caribbean music with Eurodisco, funk & soul & were really popular. Their clever novelty lyrics were quite entertaining, like their story on Rasputin, an evil leader who killed the family of Nicholas II, Russia’s last emperor. Yet they were pretty successful. R.I.P. Bobby Farrell (1949-2010), their only male member.

6. Dschinghis Khan

Known for their self-titled song & especially Moskau, which’s better titled Moscow in English & spent 5 weeks at #1 in Australia, yet played as the theme for the Moscow Olympics at the time (which’s no longer possible as Olympic Games are banned from Russia). Their signature song became a meme that’s used when Russia goes crazy, which they’re doing with Ukraine. Yet Moscow’s known for its wide use of misheard lyrics & a recent remaster uses modern club music.

7. Amanda Lear

A French singer who experimented with Eurodisco during the late 70s before continuing with pop rock, new wave, synth pop, jazz, house, Eurodance, Latin pop & folk over the decades. She hit her peak toward the end of the 70’s with songs like Follow Me, Queen of Chinatown, Enigma (Give A Bit of Mmh to Me) & Fashion Pack before fading from global relevance despite continuing with versatility & novelty style singing.

8. Silent Circle

A group known for Eurodisco as well as Italo disco. They have songs like Touch In the Night & Stop the Rain, which are notable.

9. Dead or Alive

They were actually a new wave & hi-NRG band known for You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) which peaked at #1 for 2 weeks in 1995 at the U.K. R.I.P. Pete Burns (1959-2016).

10. Party Ryan

She’s big in the Eurodisco scene. Her song You’re My Love You’re My Life’s a big hit in Eurodisco.

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