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10 Of The Best Halo: Shadow Of Intent Characters

Take a look below for our list of 10 of the best Halo: Shadow of Intent characters.

1. Stolt

Stolt is an Unggoy that serves the Swords of Sanghelios as a Ranger and commander of the Sangheili Ranger contingent aboard the CAS-class assault carrier Shadow of Intent. Formerly a Covenant soldier, Stolt first gained his command post while serving closely with Shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum.

2. Rtas ‘Vadum

Rtas ‘Vadum (formerly ‘Vadumee), nicknamed the Half-Jaw following the loss of two of his mandibles, is a very influential Sangheili commander and a high-ranking official in the Swords of Sanghelios. Rtas has become a hero among Sangheili for his bravery and leadership during the Great Schism. He was responsible for negotiating the alliance between the Fleet of Retribution and the United Nations Space Command.

3. Tem’Bhetek

Tem’Bhetek, commonly known simply as Tem, was a San’Shyuum Prelate of the Covenant’s Ministry of Preparation. Serving directly under the Minister of Preparation, Tem was one of the most cunning warriors among the Prelates, furthering the High Prophet of Truth’s plans to remove the Sangheili from the Covenant Empire. At the dawn of the Great Schism in November 2552, Tem and his fellow Prelates led Covenant forces against the Sangheili. However, the subsequent fall of High Charity resulted in the death of Tem’s family and left him the last known Prelate, as far as anyone in the galaxy was aware.

4. Vul ‘Soran

Blademaster Vul ‘Soran is a Sangheili commander of the Swords of Sanghelios. Formerly serving the Covenant as a fleet commander and warrior, ‘Soran has since joined the Swords of Sanghelios as Shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum’s second-in-command aboard CAS-class assault carrier Shadow of Intent.

5. Thel ‘Vadam

Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam (formerly ‘Vadamee) is the Sangheili kaidon of the House of ‘Vadam and the last Arbiter to serve the Covenant. He continues to hold this title in the wake of its dissolution. Presently, he leads the Swords of Sanghelios, an alliance of keeps modeled after an ancient order of the same name, and is considered by many to be the formal leader of all Sangheili.

6. Tul ‘Juran

Tul ‘Juran is a young Sangheili scion from Rahnelo who was the first noted female warrior commissioned into the service of the Swords of Sanghelios. Tul, as the sole daughter of the late Kaidon Tulum ‘Juranai, served as his captain of the guard and scion to their family’s keep. In the absence of her father and older brothers in the Great Schism, Tul was charged with the protection of her younger and only remaining brother, their father’s heir apparent as kaidon. Shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum approved Tul’s appeal and permitted her temporary stay aboard the assault carrier Shadow of Intent in violation of standing patriarchal naval codes.

The Scion would come to be regarded as a vital member of the ship’s company having engaged in single combat with the Prelate during his boarding of Shadow of Intent and aided in the eventual destruction of the Halo installation commandeered by the Minister of Preparation.

7. Boru’a’Neem

Boru’a’Neem was a San’Shyuum politician of the Covenant and the last Minister of the Covenant’s Ministry of Preparation

8. Gol ‘Rhamee

Gol ‘Rham once served in the Covenant military, earning the “-ee” suffix to his surname in accordance to custom. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, ‘Rham was near his ninth decade and working on Rahnelo as a miller, grinding mustard-colored grain and transporting it by du’nak-drawn sledge.

In 2553, Rahnelo was attacked by the Zanar-pattern light cruiser Spear of Light, under the command of San’Shyuum Prelate Tem’Bhetek. After destroying Rahnelo’s spaceport and military bastions, the cruiser deployed Jiralhanae infantry to the planet’s surface to engage the Sangheili residents. When Gol ‘Rham came under assault by two armored Jiralhanae, he tangled his du’nak and used his sledge as cover for a last stand.

9. Kaidon ‘Juran

Kaidon ‘Juran is a young Sangheili boy and the clan leader of the planet Rahnelo’s largest settlement. He is the last living son of the late Tulum ‘Juranai and the younger brother of the female warrior Tul ‘Juran.

10. Tulum ‘Juranai

As the kaidon of the largest settlement on Rahnelo, Tulum ‘Juranai fathered over four sons and one daughter, Tul ‘Juran. During the Human-Covenant War, like much of Rahnelo’s male population, most of ‘Juranai’s sons were conscripted into the Covenant military. By the war’s end, all but three of ‘Juranai’s sons had died in the conflict. Tul served as the scion of ‘Juranai’s keep and captain of his guard.

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