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10 Of The Best Spirit Animals Characters

The series centers on the fantasy world of Erdas where children who come of age go through a ritual to determine if they have a “spirit animal,” a mystical bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both. As their world crumbles, four children separated by vast distances discover they each have a spirit animal—a wolf, a leopard, a panda, and a falcon. Now the fate of Erdas has fallen on the shoulders of these four young strangers. Suddenly their paths—and the world—have changed forever.

Take a look below for our list of 10 best Spirit Animals characters.

1. Shane

Shane, or The Devourer, is a 14 to 15-year-old boy and the main antagonist of the original series. In the Fall of the Beasts series, he leads The Redcloaks under the name King.

Shane was born in the island continent of Stetriol, and is the only son and heir of the country’s king, King Irwyn. He grew up in Stetriol’s harsh conditions and society (he described himself in the Book of Shane #1 as ‘the poorest prince in the world’.) and watched as his family was plagued by the Bonding sickness, which gave him a reluctance of summoning a spirit animal in fear of catching the sickness.

However he later does gain a bond to a spirit animal with persuasion from Zerif; a saltwater crocodile named Grahv. He is mostly close to his family members, especially his sister Drina and his mother. He was tutored by the Conquerors’ seer, Yumaris, and was apparently trained for combat by his uncle General Gar.

Shane’s goal was to help Stetriol and its people. Using this goal, Kovo and Gerathon were able to manipulate him into gathering an army (The Conquerors) and waging war with the Greencloaks. For most of the first series, Shane’s true identity (The Devourer/The Reptile King) was hidden and his uncle Gar posed as him instead. Shane thought that he was helping his people by commanding the Conquerors, but in reality it was only allowing Kovo to pursue his goal of taking over Erdas.

Because of the destruction he has spread throughout Erdas, Shane gained many enemies and lost many loved ones, including his remaining family members and Abeke, his closest friend. With the eventual defeat of the Conquerors at the end of the first series, Shane still continues to pursue his goal of helping Stetriol. He does regret some of the things he has done in the past and accepts whatever judgement he receives.

2. Rollan

Rollan is a 13 to 14-year-old boy from Concorba, Amaya. He is the summoner of Essix the Falcon, and a main protagonist of the series.

Rollan has been shown to have a very strong sense of justice and fairness. Due to being an orphan, and growing up on the streets as thief since running away from his orphanage at age nine, he is very independent, to the point of resenting help from others. Despite his rough background, Rollan is often the joker of the group and likes to tease other characters.

He gives himself the responsibility of seeing if a suspicious person is lying or not, due to the intuition Essix gives him. Usually, he is spot-on with his accusations. He also frequently has bad experiences with riding animals, such as horses and rhinos, and claims to dislike a variety of animals, including walruses, weasels, and naked mole rats.

Rollan initially refused to fully trust his fellow Greencloaks (Conor, Meilin, Abeke, and Tarik), but later comes to view them as his closest friends and trusts them deeply; he calls Conor his best friend and sees Tarik as a father figure, giving him the nickname ‘old man’. When Dorian seemed to be replacing Tarik, Rollan was quick to judge his actions and compare his decisions to what Tarik would have done. He also has romantic feelings for Meilin, which she returns.

3. Conor

Conor is thirteen to fourteen years old and is the youngest son of Fenray. Like his father and his two older brothers, he herded sheep, and also became very knowledgeable about the shepherd lifestyle. At one point, however, Conor was put into service under Devin Trunswick in order to pay off a debt his family owed the Trunswick family.

Conor was shown to not have much confidence in himself, as he did not expect to summon a spirit animal at his Nectar Ceremony, and when he summons Briggan the Wolf, a Great Beast, he initially believes that his bond to the wolf was a mistake and not meant for him. Despite this, he and Briggan quickly become very close. His bond to Briggan gives Conor heightened senses and allows him to have prophetic dreams, revealed when he has a vision of Arax the Ram in Wild Born.

One trait Conor has always held is his love for his family, which is so important to him that he decides to give up The Iron Boar talisman to keep his family safe. He is also very loyal, especially to the Greencloaks and their cause. He was described to be shy by Rollan, who also believes that he can be too trustworthy of others due to his kind manner. Although he is sometimes snubbed by his friends for being a simple shepherd boy, he seldom gets angry and knows how to ease tension among the group.

Due to his background of herding sheep, or perhaps because of his bond to Briggan (who was a pack leader), Conor is shown to have a strong sense of leadership. By the end of the series, he changes from a shy, modest boy to the leader of the group. His leadership role becomes especially prominent after Tarik is killed in Rise and Fall. Though Conor can still doubt himself, he becomes much more confident in his abilities by the second series. He may have romantic feelings for Abeke.

4. Meilin

Meilin is the only child born to a family of great warriors in Zhong. Her father, General Teng, was one of the esteemed five High Commanders of the Zhongese military. Coming from a proud lineage, Meilin took private lessons in battling technique similar to karate under an expert known as Master Chu.

She was eventually able to best him without a scratch, showing a natural talent just as predicted by her family line. Due to her family’s high status and wealth, she has employed many servants, including a kind, gentle handmaiden named Kusha.

Not only does Meilin possess natural fighting talent, but she is also notably beautiful and composed. It has been said about her that, “she had never needed paint on her face to earn compliments . . . she possessed an allure beyond . . . natural beauty.” She is well practiced in acting as well, and has the ability to make many different expressions ranging from a shy smile, to a confident dazzling smile, to a stormy scowl.

It’s later implied that Meilin had not actually liked the strict environment of aristocrat Zhong; she wanted to be a warrior rather than a public figure, and disapproved of the rule that women cannot join the Zhongese military. She was sympathetic with Princess Song because of this.

5. Tarik

Tarik was an experienced Greencloak and the main kids’ teacher/mentor. He joined the Greencloaks at a very young age. His family ran a carpet shop in Caylif and initially, Tarik intended to take over the shop when he was older. However, he summoned Lumeo and joined the Greencloaks. His sister Reima took over the carpet shop for him, sacrificing her bright future. Tarik thanked Reima for her sacrifice every day.

Throughout the series, Tarik was seen to be mostly serious, uptight, and calm; however he occasionally broke his serious demeanor. His bond with Lumeo reveals the playful side of him, and he cared and worried constantly for the Four Fallen summoners. In Fire and Ice, he even sang a song about seal brains to distract himself from the unpleasantness of eating them. Despite his playfulness, Tarik was said by Olvan to be one of the Greencloaks’ finest warriors. He was willing to give up his life for the sake of Erdas, which he ultimately did in Rise and Fall.

6. Abeke

Growing up, Abeke was always surpassed by her sister, Soama. Their father, Pojalo, greatly preferred Soama over Abeke, although Abeke was considered one of the most adept hunters in her village. On the day of Abeke’s Nectar Ceremony, she summons Uraza the Leopard, and almost immediately is approached by Zerif and recruited to the Conquerors.

During her stay with the Conquerors, she befriends a boy named Shane, but soon realizes that she is on the wrong side of the war. Though not trusted by the other Four Fallen summoners at first, she later proves to play an essential part in the Greencloaks’ cause. She becomes very close friends with Conor, and later, the other two Heroes as well.

Abeke is emotional and empathetic to those around her, as she stands firm about Shane being a good person despite his affiliation, and abandons her race with Ngaio to rescue a baby orangutan. However, she can be a merciless foe as well and will completely devote herself to a cause. She is also frequently described as sneaky and cat-like due to her bond with Uraza, and is an exceptional archer. She is fond of riddles and takes the supernatural very seriously. She may have romantic feelings for Conor.

7. Aidana

Aidana, who was born in Amaya, lived with her mother (who ‘lived with a bottle in her hand’) and lacked a father. When she turned 11, she never had a Nectar Ceremony- by the time she was fourteen, a raven named Wikerus came to her and they bonded without the Nectar. That was when she started to develop the bonding sickness, trying to overcome it, but to no avail. She had Rollan many years later, and she tried to take care of him the best she could, but sooner or later the sickness was starting to endanger them both.

So she gave up Rollan to another family, but, she had run away before she could see what happened- the family never took him in. The sickness had almost killed her when Zerif came to her and gave her the Bile, which cured her. Ever since then, she had devoted herself to the Conquerors in gratitude for them saving her life.

When the Conquerors are defeated in The Evertree, she is no longer loyal to them and is reunited with Rollan in Greenhaven.

8. Maya

Maya first appeared in Fire and Ice. She appears to have an easygoing, happy personality, though she can be timid and is not much of a fighter. She is a Greencloak, and has been for only a little longer than Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin, as she is only a little older.

She appears to have a very close bond with Tini. She often baby-talks to him, referring to him with names such as ‘sticky-footed little genius.’

She is scared after the fight with Suka. When the team battles the Conquerors, she sets almost the whole area by the docks on fire, killing many of the non-Greencloaks. Her power appears to have been enhanced by her fear, as one of her first seen fire attacks did not harm the common polar bear.

9. Dawson

Dawson was first introduced as Devin’s younger brother. He teases his brother by telling him he’ll summon a chipmunk at his Nectar Ceremony. Devin tackles him and tells him he’ll summon a wildcat (which he actually does, summoning Elda later with the Bile), and the first thing he’ll do is have it taste him. Dawson then asks Conor what he’d like to summon if he did call a spirit animal; Conor replies that he’d like a sheepdog.

Later on at Devin and Conor’s Nectar Ceremony, Conor summons Briggan and Dawson is shown looking on with astonishment.

10. Drina

Drina is a teenage girl with a sharp jaw, high cheekbones, white-blonde hair and blue eyes. In the game, she wears a ruby pendant necklace, and lots of bracelets and bangles. Her suit is made of black leather with strips of ivory to resemble spider legs. She is described to be very beautiful, and said to have a noticeable resemblance to her brother, Shane.

Drina is mentioned to be Shane’s sister. During the events of Wild Born and up to Rise and Fall, Drina was on a mission to find missing Talismans.

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