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10 Of The Funniest Characters From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine needs to be seen if you feel that your life lacks humour. It is one of the funniest things that I have seen, and I keep watching it in the hope that these highly amusing characters keep me laughing. Take a look below for 10 of the funniest characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

1. Captain Ray Holt

Deputy Commissioner Raymond Jacob Holt is one of the main characters of the show. He was the Captain of the 99th Precinct and was formerly a uniformed officer. Outwardly he is strict, hardworking, stoic, staunchly professional, and a stickler for the rules. Inwardly, he is a warm, empathetic, devoted, and kind-hearted man who cares deeply about the officers and employees under his command and frequently participates in office antics, competitions, and pranks. Though he is often lampooned by his colleagues for his lack of displaying emotion or facial expressions, he is held in the highest regard by them and has developed close relationships with most of them.

2. Detective Jake Peralta

Jacob “Jake” Jeffrey Peralta (born June 1981; played by Andy Samberg) is the main protagonist of the show. He was a cocky and immature but talented NYPD detective stationed in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, and is currently a stay-at-home father to his son Mac.

3. Administrator Gina Linetti

Regina “Gina” Linetti is a main character of the show. She was the 99th Precinct’s sardonic civilian administrator. At the end of season two, she left The 99th Precinct to join Captain Raymond Holt, working at the NYPD’s public relations office. She returned to her old post at the end of The Oolong Slayer. At the end of the season 6 episode, The Tattler, she decided to quit working at the 99. She made her last regular appearance in the fourth episode of season 6, Four Movements. However, she returns as a guest in Return of the King and The Last Day Pt 2

Gina is a member of a political dance troupe called “Dance-y Reagan” and was formerly part of a troupe called “Floor-Gasm”.

4. Detective Rosa Diaz

Rosalita “Rosa” Diaz is a main character of the show. She is considered “the tough guy” and the “badass” in the Precinct. Rosa is scary, smart, secretive, and difficult to read. Most of the members of the precinct are frightened by her. Rosa takes pride in the fact that no one knows much about her. Jake only knows three facts about her, one of which is that she won’t let people crash at her place, despite the fact that Rosa refers to him as her “closest friend”. In 99, she is known to be bisexual.

5. Detective Charles Boyle

Detective Charles Boyle is a main character of the show. He is the precinct’s workhorse. He is shown to be not that brilliant, and not physically gifted, although he tries harder than anyone else.

6. Detective Sergeant Terry Jeffords

Captain Terrence “Terry” Vincent Jeffords is a main character of the show. He is a linebacker of a man who’s lost his nerve, not because he’s a wimp, but because a year prior to the series, his wife Sharon had twin baby girls; Cagney and Lacey, and he can’t imagine not seeing them grow up.

7. Detective Amy Santiago

Chief Amy Santiago (born 1982/1983) is a main character of the show. She is a Chief of Department, former sergeant and a former detective at the 99th precinct of the NYPD. Always eager to impress, Amy is looking for a mentor to help her achieve her dream of being the youngest person to be promoted to Captain.

8. Detective Norm Scully

Detective Norman “Norm” Scully is a main character of the show. He is an older male detective at the 99th Precinct. His partner is Michael Hitchcock, who is equally lazy.

9. Doug Judy

Douglas “Doug” Judy, also known as the Pontiac Bandit, is a thief and con-artist notorious for having stolen over 200 Pontiacs. He was the arch-enemy of Jake Peralta – however, they share similar traits such as an immature and laid-back attitude towards situations and vast love of pop culture. He had a crush on Rosa Diaz.

10. Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento is former detective at 99th Precinct who was previously undercover for 12 years.

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