10 Of The Hardest Cuphead Bosses

Take a look below for our list of 10 of the hardest Cuphead bosses.

1. Dr. Kahl’s Robot

The Automaton is a prodigious robot. On its head, there is an antenna that can fire substantially large lasers. It has a hatch with a cockpit in its head where Dr. Kahl controls it. It has two openings in its torso piece, where the majority of the explosives in the robot are kept. It also has many lights on its head and sides. Although it’s lower body is never seen in-game, it seems to have a piece that resembles hips, rubber-hose style legs, that look similar to it’s arms, and feet resembling Cuppet’s shoes.

It also appears to be capable of chewing and consuming bubble gum as evident by the intro sequence. Dr. Kahl himself sports the appearance a typical mad scientist, wearing large glasses, a lab coat, and bearing a dull purple beard and mustache. He also has an inordinately large head in comparison to the rest of his body.

2. The Devil

With the exception of his face, hands, and feet, the majority of the Devil’s body is covered in short, black fur. While the color of his face matches that of his fur, the bare skin on his hands and feet are a much lighter grey; at the end of each of his fingers and toes are short, pointed claws. He is often illustrated carrying a trident in his hand and/or tapping the big toe on one of his feet.

The Devil is almost always shown sporting an ear-to-ear, toothy grin. He has round, protruding cheeks, a furrowed brow, and heavily-lidded, yellow eyes. He also has a drooping, round nose, tall, smooth horns, and ears that are pointed at their tips. Much like his lackey, King Dice, his normally small, black pupils seem gain large, red irises when behaving in a particularly sinister manner.

He is normally depicted as being quite tall in comparison to the rest of the cast, with the ability to change his size and shape at will. This includes being able to remove his skin from his skeleton and jump out of it all together. He is also confirmed to have a tail with a spade-shaped tip at its end, but this has only been depicted in official Studio MDHR artworks published before and after the game’s release. As such, he is never actually shown with a tail in-game.

The Devil’s design for The Cuphead Show! remains more or less the same, with only a few stylistic changes made. In addition to now always shown as having a tail, the tip of his nose has gained a red flush, and the red irises he is only occasionally depicted with in-game are now a permanent part of his design. His fur and horns have also gained slight blue and yellow tints, respectively.

3. Grim Matchstick

Grim Matchstick bears an appearance similar to a typical dragon character from the game’s time period.

He is a large, slightly chubby, European dragon with a very simple design. He has lime-green scales and a light-amber underbelly (lacking segments) that starts of at his distinct, beak-like muzzle. He has large pie eyes, no visible eyebrows (minus an indentation) and featureless ears on his head.

Grim has two large fangs resembling buck teeth and has a tongue that can extend like that of a frog, allowing his flame minions to walk across (similar to the famous red carpet method).

On his shoulder blades, he has average-sized, bat-like wings, the same color as his scales, that are flexible and can shape into arms (similar to actual bats), as seen in his intro, where he forms them into hands with fingers. His limbs are rather small and stubby, with four fingers on each hand, two toes on each foot, and silver claws/talons. He also has solid-white spikes running all the way down his spine (like many other dragons in popular culture), and he has a very long tail.

When Grim reaches his third phase, he grows two more heads on his shoulders that look exactly the same as the original’s head, which morphs into a red flame-thrower with a gold gas sprayer and lighter just in front.

4. King Dice

King Dice is the right-hand man of the Devil and the secondary antagonist of Cuphead, making his very first appearance in the game in the opening cutscene. He can be found within every Die House, where he acts as a gatekeeper, blocking passage between isles until a required list of soul contracts are turned in to him by either Cuphead or Mugman.

King Dice is later fought in the stage All Bets Are Off! which serves as the penultimate boss-fight in the game. Instead of being able to damage him immediately, a minimum of three randomly chosen mini-bosses must be defeated before one can directly attack King Dice himself.

5. Rumor Honeybottoms

Rumor is a very large queen bee with red lipstick, a round yellow nose and a yellow and peach colored muzzle.

Her primary outfit consists of a black and yellow striped bell-shaped dress with a white trim at the end of it, a black ribbon belt around the waist, and long, black sleeves with yellow cuffs. She also wears a pair of generic white gloves, and despite her full body not being shown in-game (even in the good ending) she has yellow legs and wears a pair of black high heeled shoes.

Being the queen, she wears a bronze crown and wields a large bronze honey dipper that acts as both a scepter and a magic wand. Despite her size, her wings are quite small but still able to hold herself at the top of the screen for the entirety of the second phase.

During the third phase, Rumor uses a magic spell that turns her into a yellow and black stripped airplane with a peach colored cockpit alongside a crown design on the back. She has yellow wings with black rings and white tips, as well as jet engines that act like rocket launchers with small white wheels and the same stripes as the rest of the plane. The honey dipper is now on the top of the airplane and acts like a propeller.

6. Djimmi The Great

Djimmi The Great is a muscular red genie wearing a turquoise vest with a yellow inside, and a turban the same color as his vest that has a red gem and large white feather on it. Djimmi is almost always seen with his cob pipe clenched between his teeth. He also wears black and cream arm bands and light blue pants. In official art for the Switch version of Cuphead, he has a tail that matches his body. His shoes appear to be magic genie lamps.

Djimmi The Great is said to have vivacious personality. In the game, he seems to treat battling in a playful way like a manipulative trickster, as he has a near-constant grin on his face throughout the fight. He possibly also views Cuphead and Mugman as The Devil’s puppets for doing his bidding, as he appears to mock them by using a marionette version of their species during his fourth phase. He might have gone to “genie school”, judging by his Phase 1 Death Quote.

7. Beppi The Clown

Beppi is a tall clown with a red and blue clown suit with a blue and a red diamond drawn on each side, as well as a collar that has blue and red triangles on the sides with the top and bottom of the collar being white. He also seems to have a red and white face as well as a small black top hat. He also has yellow eyes with black pupils, red and blue eyebrows, a long red nose, and short eyelashes.

His second form resembles his first form, but portrays him as made out of balloons. His head is a giant balloon.

His third form, which is faced during his fourth phase (His first form is used in phase 3 as well, except with a horse instead of a car.), transforms him into a chair swing.

8. Phantom Express

The Phantom Express is a train for the dead. Blind Specter is a light blue ghost with one large empty eye socket on their head, and two eyes coming out of their palms.

The Conductor is a very large skeleton, with his most notable feature being the conductor hat he wears. He also appears to be missing a tooth.

The Lollipop Ghouls look similar to the pistons of a train. They have large round heads being held on very thin rubber-hose style necks.

The Head of the Train is a steam locomotive with a blue face and grey-purple body, with his heart inside of his boiler. He is always seen with his teeth showing. After uncoupling from the rest of the train, he looks similar to a horse, with his body raised above his wheels by four legs and a tail that ends in a light-bulb.

9. Wally Warbles

Wally is a red-headed, blue-feathered bird of unknown species who wears a cuckoo clock that hides most of his body save for his legs, wings, and head. His legs are disguised as a pendulum before the battle with him begins. He has red and blue feathers and an orange beak and feet. Inside the clock resides his son.

Judging by how aggressive he appears and his son’s death screen line, Wally acts as the brawn of the Warbles family. He appears to be a protective father to his son, having a cuckoo clock for him to be kept safe in while Wally deals with his own enemies. Wally is even determined enough to fight until the end, no matter what happens to him in the process, as evident by the fact that he continues the battle featherless and on a stretcher. He also seems to have a boastful side, as suggested by the death screens from phases 1 and 3.

10. Cala Maria

Cala Maria has a physical appearance reminiscent of a typical humanoid female character. She is a giant, tall, slender mermaid with fairly wide hips. She has pale lavender-pigmented skin, an exposed midriff, a small button-nose, and two scar-like markings on the bicep of her left arm (though how or why she got them is unknown, but it COULD be a reminiscent of eel bite marks).

On her head, she has a dead, purple octopus with pale lavender eyelids over X-crossed eyes, with a lighter purple coloring and pale pink suckers under the tentacles. The octopus clearly acts as her hair since the three tentacles in front of Cala’s face are flipped back over her head, resembling curly hair-bangs in a pompadour, while the octopus’s head vaguely resembles a hair bun. Although it appears to be dead, the octopus’s eyes clearly open during Cala’s “summoning” animation, revealing simple, black pupils.

Cala has big, pale turquoise eyes with sea-green eyeshadow and three short, black, triangular eye-lashes each. She also has thin, black eyebrows and light, rose-pink lips.

As a sign of her mermaid status, Cala wears a sky-blue sea-shell bra with no shoulder straps, and her lower body is replaced with a sea-green, fish-like tail with round scales, connected with a water-ripple-like pattern below the waist line and although we don’t see her full body in the game, various merchandise has shown that her fin tail is shaped like two small waves split in two with three rounded tips on each side.

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