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10 Of The Most Dangerous And Infamous Toys Of All Time

In the US, one child is treated for a toy-related injury every three minutes. Injuries can include chemical poisoning, broken bones, choking, asphyxiation, burns, cuts, bruises, severe eye and head injuries, etc.

Although stringent toy safety legislation and regulations have been enacted across the world since recent times, evidence clearly shows that Toy Related Injuries are on the rise.

Although numerous lawsuits have been filed, hundreds of seizures have been conducted, and numerous recalls have been carried out, children are still constantly being maimed or dying because of these dangerous toys.

Almost a trillion dollars are spent on toys every year across the globe and the rise of the internet has made it imperative for parents to be more vigilant than ever when choosing the right toy for their kids.

These are some examples of toys that have been sold in the past that are dangerous and some even potentially lethal.

1. Hannah Montana Popstar Card Game

Hannah Montana is a famous TV character from the hit Disney show about a student who is not only a world famous star but also a rock star! It came as a shock in 2007 when it was found that there were more lead in the game than the legal limit for a product! 

Lead is highly poisonous and the body can’t break it down. However, because the lead was found to be exclusively on the vinyl covering and not on the actual paint, laws at the time did not require the product to be recalled.

2. Yeti Soft Toy

2019 proved that Yetis actually exist after they started showing up all over the United States! This cuddly toy was developed by Douglas Company Incorporated for children two years and older. 

However, this 9 inch toy may pose a choking hazard for young children since its white, fiber-like hair is easily detached. Despite concerns raised by the World Against Toys Causing Harm, the toy is still available (2020).

3. Counterfeit Toys

It is rarely worth it to buy a half-price knock-off Teletubby or Barbie from a shady market stall, considering the risks they pose to your children. Almost none of these products meet any of the safety standards and are typically dangerous. 

Many of them were poisonous, while others had sharp edges hidden within, and worryingly many offered a choking or strangulation hazard to children, since the parts were loosened. 

For example, in Cambridgeshire in the UK, Cambridgeshire Trading Standards seized 1,000 cheap Teddy Bears that had little eyes and noses that could easily detach and pose a real danger to children.

4. Hoverboards

Despite all the hype, the hoverboard never quite caught on. Probably because it was so difficult to master. People started to wonder what was so wrong with walking that it needed to be replaced with such an awkward and dangerous device. 

In addition, a good hoverboard can cost you in excess of $200! And Segway has now introduced the ‘Ninebot Drift’, that we have just learned is an electric hoverboard.

5. Sky Dancers

Galoob Incorporated brought out the supposedly graceful ‘Sky Dancers’ toys, that created the sense of fairies magically hopping through the air. Just by pulling a cord, the fairy princess would spin about, her wings flapping frantically while she did so. 

As it did with some unsuspecting child; often leaving them with cuts, eye injuries, and broken teeth. Hardly creating a magical childhood memory to treasure forever more.

6. Tightrope Practicing Kit

The ‘Slackers Slackline Extreme Adventure Kit’ lets you learn tightrope walking in the comfort of your own backyard, with no safety net, proper supervision or prior training. So despite worries that it would be inappropriate for young children, it has nevertheless been widely available online since 2017.

7. Jetts Rear Wheeled Roller Skates With Real Sparks

One of Razor’s Jett rear wheeled roller skates has a special feature called “sparking.” The sparking is activated by pushing the heel of the skate down as you use it. This happens because they come with replaceable spark pads. 

They pose an obvious fire hazard because of the way they go over combustible material and make the most annoying screeching sound of any toy ever. On the company website, the product has only had five favorable product reviews in the last two years.

8. The Alien Wiggle Toy

What would make you think this Alien visitor could offer you? Perhaps world peace, the end to all diseases, or perhaps a power source guaranteed with unlimited clean energy? Well you are mistaken. It is actually E.coli (Food Poisoning). 

The Alien Wiggle Toy was found to contain a dangerous bacteria contained in its gel outer coating. After testing for bacteria by Trading Standards in Aberdeen, Scotland, the toy was immediately recalled.

9. Fruit Head Dolls

These adorable Fruit Head dolls come in wholesome strawberry, apple, tomato or blackcurrant (yes a tomato is technically a fruit as it has seeds). But it turned out they contained high levels of a chemical that can cause cancer, as well as possible deformity in unborn children. So its not surprising that local authorities in the UK and the rest of Europe confiscated all the stock of this toy and banned any further sale of it.

10. Colonial Viper Spaceship

Back in 1978, Mattel brought out the original ‘Colonial Viper Spaceship’ to capitalize on the popularity of the TV series ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ Its special feature was it fired tiny pellet fireworks that simulated laser fire. 

When a young child accidentally shot the pellet into his mouth, he choked on a small piece, eventually leading to Mattel being sue and toy makers across the globe to make use of choke hazard warnings on all of their products that contained detachable parts.

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