10 Of The Most Notable Characters From Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt is a ridiculously dumb comedy about a lovable loser who while a guest on a radio talk show reveals his life’s story and how he’s been on the road searching for his missing parents who he got separated from when he was little while on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Take a look below for our list of 10 of the most notable characters from Joe Dirt.

1. Joe Dirt

Played by David Spade and main protagonist who spent most of his life searching for his parents after being separated from them during a trip to the Grand Canyon and along the way meets with some pretty interesting characters including Brandy who end up becoming more of a family to him then his own parents.

2. Brandy

A girl that Joe meets whose possibly the first positive person Joe has met and who she cares for in a romantic way though Joe is oblivious to it in the beginning she ends up finding Joe’s parents but purposely lies to him about them being dead to protect him from them seeing how awful they really are when Joe actually does meet them and finds out they intentionally abandoned him and now only want to be in his life because he’s famous he tries to commit suicide until Brandy stops him while telling him that she loves him and wants to marry him.

3. Clem Doore

Played by Christopher Walken who when Joe first meets is a school janitor who ends up rescuing a group of kids from a mustard gas explosion and convinces everyone that Joe was the hero however its revealed that Clem is actually a former mob boss in the witness protection and when Joe mentions him during an interview mobsters show up at his house in an attempt to assassinate him however Clem fakes being dead so he can later take on a new persona.

4. Robby

Played by Kid Rock the town bully who hates Joe and wants Brandy for himself when Joe returns to see Brandy Robby tells him that Brandy found his parents and didn’t want to tell him which turns out to be true however Robby then goes on to tell Joe that Brandy never cared for him and that she and him are getting married and purposely not tell him that she found his parents because she wanted him gone and goes as far as to tell Joe that nobody in the town wants him around as he continues to taunt Joe as he runs off crying.

5. Zander Kelly

Played by Dennis Miller a Radio Station host who brings Joe on his show to tell his life story though he’s mostly doing it to make fun of him however he later starts to take pity on Joe when he reveals that Brandy had left a note for Robby to give to Joe about her finding his parents and not wanting him know and actually calls Brandy to get closure.

6. Don

Brandy’s alcoholic father who really doesn’t seem to like Joe and later shoots their dog Charlie dead after Charlie failed to get help when he got his foot stuck on a train track and ended up losing his leg.

7. Buffalo Bob

Played by Brian Thompson who is a parody of Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs who Joe visits to get information about his missing parents who ends up trapping Joe in a deep hole as he plans to skin Joe so he can wear his skin but the police show up in time to save Joe.

8. Mr. Nunamaker

Joe’s father who reveals on air that they abandoned their son at the Grand Canyon and didn’t give an F about him until now that he’s famous just so they can leech off his success.

9. Mrs. Nunamaker

Joe’s mother along with Joe’s father are terrible parents who never cared about their son and abandoned him at the Grand Canyon and never bothered to look for him afterwards.

10. Kickin Wing

An unsuccessful Native American firework salesman who Joe meets while in search for his parents and sparks a friendship with and convinces him that in order for him to be successful he needs to start selling the good stuff.

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