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10 Scary Stories That Are Actually True

On this site, we often talk about pretty scary things but they’re usually fictional, they’re made up, they’re not real, but you know what is terrifying? Scary things that really did happen. They say the truth hurts but I think it can also scare you silly so let’s get into our top 10 scary stories that are real.

1. Woman in the Cupboard

This one is really strange and odd. In 2009, Japan, a man became suspicious when food started disappearing from his apartment so he decided to set up cameras all around the place in the hope of catching whoever was doing this.

When he got home the next day, he looked at the camera footage and he was very creeped out to see a woman walking around his house. He thought she was a burglar and she just come to steal some stuff when he was out and so he rang the police, but when officers searched the place, they found the 58 year old woman hiding in the top of a cupboard designed to store bedding and mattresses.

This was just enough room for her to lie down and she had been living in the cupboard the whole time, lying there perfectly still in the dark just meters away from him waiting for him to leave so she could use the house as if it were her own.

2. Cannibal Cafe

Armin visited a little-known website called the Cannibal Cafe. He posted a list looking for a well-built 18 to 25 year old to be slaughtered and then consumed, his words not mine. Normally, young adults want good jobs, they want to travel, maybe maybe find a partner.

Amazingly, a few people actually replied and then backed out presumably when they realized it was insane, but one man, Bernard Brandis, actually went to Armond’s house. They then made a video of Armin cutting off his penis then trying to cook it and eat it. However, he overcooked it, so he fed it to his dog.

All of this was happening while Brandis bled to death in the bathtub. Armin gave him alcohol and 20 sleeping pills and then read a Star Trek book for three hours. He then kissed him, killed him and froze the flesh for 10 months while he lived off it.

Amazingly, he was only caught when he posted online the following year looking for his next meal and victim and bragged about what had happened before. He is now serving life in prison.

3. The Silent Twins

The silent twins, Jennifer and June, from the U.K. were known as the “silent twins” because they only ever talked to each other. They were absolutely obsessed with each other and gradually began to shun the community around them, who were not very welcoming to the girls anyway.

Eventually, they developed their own language and started communicating and committing crimes together. This led them to be committed to a mental health institution for 14 years. One later said that the whole thing went too far and although they longed to be normal they couldn’t break out.

June wrote in her diary that her sister was a dark shadow robbing her of sunlight. Psychologists deemed them deeply disturbed and the girls felt so trapped that they said the only way that one of them could lead a normal life was if the other one died. The day after they were released from the institution, Jennifer died from a rare heart inflammation and June began to speak to others and went on to live a normal life for the first time.

4. The Joker

In 2015, a woman called Chelsea Clarke from Toronto was watching movies in bed with her boyfriend. The next day, after work, she logged into her Facebook account and saw that she had a message from someone she didn’t know.

Chelsea thought that this was quite strange because her profile didn’t allow messages from strangers. The message was titled “really cute couple.” Chelsea opened it to find a guy with his profile picture as the Joker had sent pictures of her and her boyfriend in bed the night before. The account was deleted soon after and police investigations have made no leads at the moment.

5. The Cemetery Clown

In 2015, Julie Grey and her husband were driving past Rose Hill Cemetery at night when they spotted a figure climbing over the cemetery gate. They captured this picture, but it wasn’t until they loop back around that they realized it was a clown.

They tried to get a bit closer for a better look and that’s when they saw him standing alone in the middle of the gravestones slowly waving at them. He didn’t seem scared or bothered by them at all, but before the couple could even try to understand what was going on the clown slowly turned around and walked into the darkness of the cemetery.

When the police investigated all of this the next day they found no signs of vandalism or disturbance in the graveyard, leaving many people to wonder what the cemetery clown was doing that night and if he’s going to be seen again.

6. The Young Boys

Respected journalist Brian Bethel shared a story that changed his and many others opinions on the paranormal. One evening, Brian said he was parked outside of the local movie theater and filling out a check for someone, then he looked up to see two boys standing next to the car in the darkness.

The boys were no more than 10 or 12 years old. Before they even spoke, Brian said he was gripped with fear and he couldn’t explain why. Only one of the boys spoke and they said they wanted to see a movie but they had left their money at home and asked if Brian could give them a ride back to get their money.

Now Brian avoided looking at them because of the fear and instead looked up to see that the last show had already started, there was no way they’d make it back in time. The boy said it wouldn’t take long. He said that they were just two little kids and that they didn’t have a gun or anything.

Something about the last sentence scared Brian the most and as the feeling of terror consumed him, he realized his hand was already moving to unlock the door. That’s when he looked up to see their eyes; they were deep cold and black. Brian quickly made his excuses but, as he tried to drive away, the kid started banging on the window and said we can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay.

7. Robert The Doll

Robert the Doll was given to a boy, Eugene Otto, in 1904, by a Jamaican woman who worked with the family. She was supposedly a practitioner of black magic and voodoo. She had supposedly cursed the doll because she was unhappy with how the family had treated her.

The family soon reported hearing conversations between Eugene and Robert the Doll at night. His parents would hear Eugene scream and when they ran into the bedroom they would find the furniture around Robert have been thrown around.

When the family left to go on trip, the neighbors reported seeing Robert move from window to window of the house and they would sometimes hear the doll let out a terrifying cackle over time. The house was sold on to a new family but the doll remained there.

The new owner, a ten-year-old girl, also screamed in the night and claimed that Robert would move and that one time he even tried to attack her. These days, he sits in the Fort East Martello Museum in Florida and was the inspiration for the horror movie Child’s Play.

8. The Murder Castle

In 1886, pharmacist H.H. Holmes bought a number of properties in Chicago that left him owning an entire city block. He began renovating them into a hotel. He would hire some workers for one part and others for a different area, so nobody really knew the full extent of the hotel’s layout.

It was finished just in time for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, where people from all over the world descended on the city. However, this wasn’t a normal hotel; almost every part of it was some sort of torture chamber.

For most of that year, he trapped unsuspecting guests in their rooms to kill them. There were gas chambers and rooms specifically designed to suffocate people. The whole building was designed to confuse the victims and give them a false sense of hope.

There were staircases that led to absolutely nowhere and doors that were totally bricked up. Once they were dead, Holmes disposed of the bodies through a specially designed chute to dump them into the basement and then incinerate them in huge furnaces. He is known as America’s first serial killer.

9. The Real Leatherface

This is a story that inspired the movie Silence of the Lambs. It’s the story of Ed Gein, a man who had a disturbed obsession with his own mother, who had raised him during the earlier 20th century with strict religious teachings about the sins of lust and desire.

After she died in 1945, Ed began to spiral out of control. At first, he would dig up bodies of recently buried females and cut off their body parts to keep as his trophies before placing them back in the graves. Then, he stepped up and began a killing spree before police finally caught him when they discovered the dismembered body of a woman in his farmhouse shed.

Investigators were also horrified by what else they found; a freshly cooked human heart was on the stove ready to be eaten. He made drinking balls out of their skulls and the creepiest thing was what he had done with his victims skin. He used them to make furniture, face masks and women’s clothes.

10. The Death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21 year old Canadian woman who was visiting Los Angeles in 2013. She stayed at the Cecil Hotel in downtown L.A. She had been calling her parents every single day on her visit but then on January 31st, the calls suddenly stopped.

Her worried parents reported her missing to the police. She seemed to have just vanished out of nowhere. Then, on February 14th, the police released a video of her behaving very erratically in the hotel elevator. She seemed to exit and then re-enter and then start making some sort of gesture to something in the hallway outside.

At one point, she simply crouches as if to hide from whatever is out there. Eventually, guests of the hotel started complaining about the water saying it was black, foul tasting and had low pressure. When staff went to investigate the water tank on the roof of the hotel they found Elisa Lam’s decomposing body.

The police don’t know how she got onto the roof, which was locked and alarmed, or how she got into the tank and then replaced the lid from the inside or what was going on that elevator. Some people think that it all points to a murder, while others say it was supernatural in nature; that Elisa was actually possessed.

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