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10 Video Games Released In The 2020s That Have Amazing Soundtracks

Video games have been improving constantly over the years, not just graphically but also when it comes to in-game sounds and music. Long gone are the days of 8-bit music, now developers higher composers and artists to make their soundtracks. As the 2020s decade progresses, let’s rank the video games of the decade with the best soundtrack. Take a look below for our list of 10 video games released in the 2020s that have amazing soundtracks.

1. Hades

Hades is the rogue-like dungeon crawler that took the gaming world by storm in 2020. The soundtrack, made by composer Darren Korb, fits perfectly with the game and definitely contributed to the game’s success as the gameplay and story always need a good soundtrack to accompany them.

2. Final Fantasy VII Remake

The soundtrack also got a remake just like the game and many songs are orchestrated versions of the original tracks. Overall a great soundtrack and it was many gamers’ favorite in 2020.

3. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

This game got a lot of praise in 2021 for it’s soundtrack, in fact it’s pretty much what everyone on the internet was excited about, especially at the Game Awards.

4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This game has a beautiful soundtrack, and not many people seem to have brought much attention to that, such is the life of most indie games.

5. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima was not only loved for it’s swordplay and it’s beautiful visuals, but also for it’s beautiful soundtrack which really merges well with the game’s other components.

6. Resident Evil 3: Remake

The remake has some tracks that are new, but most of the tracks are remastered versions of the original tracks

7. Resident Evil Village

The soundtrack of Resident Evil Village helps create tension and sets the mood for the entire game. Some of the more important segments of the game also have good tracks that stand out.

8. Halo Infinite

The grand return of Halo and like usual fans of the series have nothing but praise for the soundtrack. Some Halo fans thing Infinite has the best soundtrack in the series.

9. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal’s soundtrack was made by Mick Gordon like it’s predecessor Doom 2016, and while there apparently were issues between Id Software and Gordon, a lot of fans like the soundtrack.

10. The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part 2 was a very controversial game when it was released in 2020, but the one thing most gamers took no issue with was it’s soundtrack, which was made by the same composer who made the soundtrack for the original game: Gustavo Santaolalla. Overall, the music fit very well with the atmosphere of this game.

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