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10 Of The Most Expensive Paintings Sold At Auction

Take a look below for our list of 10 of the most expensive paintings sold at auction. 1. Garcon a la Pipe Painted in 1905 by Pablo Picasso, Garcon a la Pipe (Boy with a Pipe) became the most expensive painting ever sold at auction when it was sold in Sotheby’s in New York in May 2004….


10 Of The Best Happy Hardcore Artists From The 1990s

In the 90s Happy Hardcore was a very popular music movement in Europe. The songs are the ‘happy’ variance of hardcore house. A typical Happy Hardcore songs features cheerful vocals (often ‘samples’ from other songs that have been accelerated), happy lyrics and a beat between 165 and 180 per minute. The happy hardcore movement was…


12 Of The Most Famous Paintings In The World

Countless painters have delighted people with their paintings down the centuries. Many have inspired new thoughts and pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. Such painters are remembered even today for their legacy, and their works have become part of the current human civilization and heritage. In almost every major city of the world, there are…


10 Of The Greatest Self Portraits By Famous Artists

What did Van Gough look like? We can all easily picture the solemn stare of a man with flame-like hair. The most renowned painters are from a time when cameras did not exist, and without their self-portraits, we wouldn’t really know what they themselves looked like. Artists use their art to capture their surroundings and…