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10 Of The Best Genesis Songs

Genesis got together in 1967 whilst still at school (Charterhouse) and consisted of Tony Banks (keyboards), Mike Rutherford (bass/guitar), Phil Collins (drums/vocals), Pater Gabriel (vocals) and Steve Hackett (guitar). Genesis changed their musical style at different points during their musical career and their songs are influenced by folk, progressive rock and pop. Peter Gabriel added…

10 Of The Greatest Madonna Songs Of All Time

Madonna is often called the Queen of Pop but the Queen of Reinvention may be a more suitable title. Her ability to change her appearance and her musical style has enabled Madonna to sustain her position at the top of the music profession for the last 30 years. Madonna remains one of the most successful…

10 Of The Strangest Musical Collaborations That Don’t Make Any Sense

Some musical collaborations seem made for each other; others beggar belief and give us pause to reflect on the bizarre circumstances that must have led to some of them. Below we take a look at 10 of the most strange and unlikely. 1. Kesha Ft. Iggy Pop – “Dirty Love” Successful musicians often delight in…